Naukar Vahuti Da Movie Review And Rating | Binnu Dhillon, Kulraj Randhawa

Naukar Vahuti Da Review

It is Friday and Naukar Vahuti Da starring Binnu Dhillon and Kulraj Randhawa has finally hit the film screens. This film is one of the most awaited in recent times. It has been a while since we say a family movie in Punjabi.

The movie stars Binnu Dhillon, Kulraj Randhawa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Preet Anand, Upasna Singh in lead roles. The film is written by Vaibhav, Sherya and directed by Smeep Kang.

Name Of The MovieNaukar Vahuti Da
Star CastBinnu Dhillon, Kulraj Randhawa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Preet Anand, Upasna Singh
Movie GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
DirectorSmeep Kang
Music DirectorGurmeet Singh
DOPDemel Xavier Edwards
ProducerRohit Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Ruchi Trehan, and Ashu Munish Sahani
Production CompanyRangrezaa films
Movie Runtime2 hrs 00 mins
Censor CategoryU
Releasing on23 Aug, 2019

Here is the synopsis of the movie: Shivinder is a family man and wants to be a songwriter. His wife wants him to choose one of the two as he was not able to be both for a while now. But before Shivinder could make his choice, she leaves him and goes back to her parents’ house along with their daughter, Mannat. What option is a man left when his in-laws won’t let him be with his wife and daughter? Becoming their driver was one!

Gurmeet Singh is the music director of the film. Demel Xavier Edwards is the Director of Photography and the film is produced by Rohit Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Ruchi Trehan, and Ashu Munish Sahani under the banner of Rangrezaa films.

The trailer of the movie was released on T-Series Apna Punjabi channel and it got over 3.4 million views with over 68k likes. Even the title song received a lot of views. So the hype is on point for the movie. The film is distributed by Omjee Group.

Naukar Vahuti Da Movie Review

If you are a fan of comedy family drama, then this one is for you. Naukar Vahuti Da is an out n out Commerical comedy film. This comes as no shock if you had watched the trailer and teaser of the film.

All the actors have given entertaining and lively performances. Special mention to Binnu Dhillon, Kulraj Randhawa, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Jaswinder Bhalla. Their roles helped the film in sticking to the fun part of the film.

The songs are good to watch. Thanks to Gurmeet Singh’s music and Demel Xavier Edwards’s visuals. They are choreographed well and the placement of the songs is also good. The transitions to the songs don’t look too staged so it’s a plus point.

Though there is nothing new in the film, it comes across as an entertainer. There is no big storyline and screenplay turns, but it is just good to keep you entertained. And that is all you need while watching a movie.

If you looking for a movie to watch this weekend with your family, then Naukar Vahuti Da is a perfect choice. Give it a try.

Rating: 3/5

In case you didn’t check out the Trailer of the movie, you can watch it here:

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