Nach Baliye 9 Elimination Buzz Again| Elimination, Wild Card Entries, Host vs Judge

Star Plus show, Nach Baliye season 9 had witnessed a lot of controversies and talks on stage and off stage by the paparazzi rounding around the contestants. The continues appearance of the shows name in the news always contribute the show to stay at the top of the TRPs.

The judges are always being criticized by everyone including the audience for being biased and strict in a very obvious manner. Yet the showrunners are not concerned about the criticism from the public as publicity no matter what kind positive or negative keeps them under the spotlight.

Nach Baliye 9 Elimination Buzz Again| Elimination, Wild Card Entries, Host vs Judge

Nach Baliye 9 Wild Card Entries

It made a lot of chit-chats all over the internet about the wild card entries of the famous dance show. Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh are expected to return to the show soon with their dancing magic. .Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva, Avinash Sachdev and his girlfriend Palak Purswani, Pooja Banerjee and her husband Sandeep are all expected to return to the show in this season as wild card entries.

According to reliable resources, there won’t be any eliminations in this week of the show. With the increasing possibility of the highly talented contestants as the wild card entries, the current candidates have to put their best output on the stage to stay afloat.

The fight between a judge of the show actor Raveena Tandon and the show host Maniesh Paul is the latest buzz from the show. According to the reports Manish was wearing an earpiece for the directors to communicate with him. When Raveena passed Manish he had made a face which she took as an insult towards her and stormed out of the set saying “Can’t take this anymore” to her vanity van. Manish also declined to his vanity van. It took more than one hour for the showrunners to convince both the actors to return to the show.


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