Naan Sirithal Full Movie Download Leaked Online By Tamilrockers Soon After Its Release | Hiphop Tamizha, Raana

Naan Sirithal is an upcoming Tamil language film written and directed by the debut Raana. The film stars Hiphop Tamizha, Iswarya Menon in the lead roles. K.S. Ravikumar is also playing a lead role in the film along with Badava gopi, Eruma Saani Vijay.

The film is scheduled to release on 14th February 2020 on the eve of valentine’s day. The film was produced by Sundar.C N.Manivannan under Avni Movies Banner.  Hiphop Tamizha has composed background score and songs for the film, Vanchinathan handled the cinematography and the film was edited by Sreejith Sarang.

Naan Sirithal Poster

The film is based on the earlier short film version by Raana: Keka Beka Keka Beka. The film is about an IT employee named Gandhi who suffers from Pseudobulbar affect. The film showcases how he manages his progressional life and his struggle with the disease.

The first look poster of the film was released on October 7, 2019, by superstar Rajnikanth. Later, the trailer of the film was released on 4th January 2020. The trailer received a good response with around 5.8 Million views and 322 thousand likes.

On the other end, songs are also getting a huge response from the fans of Hiphop Thamizha. The breakup song which was released 7th December 2019 received 8.8 Million Views. Later, the second single Ajukku Gumukku which released on 11th January 2020 received 2.1 Million Digital views.

Naan Sirithal Movie Leaked Online

The film Naan Sirithal got leaked online by various pirates on the first day of its release. Film Piracy has become one of the major threats to the film industry. But, the Audience should realize that Watching or encouraging Piracy is an offense and Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, It is also punishable act by law.

We hope people avoid piracy and visit the theatres for watching the film. Also, avoiding piracy can help the producers to be in a safe position. The film got a slightly better talk on day 1 so we think the film can do well at the box-office with this talk at present.

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