My Girlfriend Is An Alien Season 2: Latest News Surrounding The Release Date

Asian shows have been gaining immense popularity these days. These shows are extremely loved by the audiences because of their astonishing characters and distinctive plot. My Girlfriend Is an Alien became quite famous among Indian audiences because the show was dubbed in both Hindi and Tamil. It was available to watch on WeTV. The show has a unique plot and great actors.

Season 1 of the show came in 2019 and consisted of 24 episodes. WeTV produced the show and was appreciated worldwide. The main cast of the show includes Thassapak Hsu in the role of Fang Leng and Wan Peng in the role of Chai Xiaoqi. After the huge success of its first season, WeTV decided to bring it back for another season, i.e., Season 2.

Release Date of My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2

Updates about the second season didn’t come out even after the conclusion of Season 1. Recently, the return of the show for its second season was announced, and we just can’t wait long enough. The news was confirmed with the photos of Wan Peng, Thassapak Hsu, and Wang You Jun.

My Girlfriend Is An Alien Season 2: Latest News Surrounding The Release Date

WeTV made an announcement on Twitter through a lovely video in which we could see the cast of the show. The shooting for Season 2 has resumed. A particular release date for the show has to be announced by Tencent Video and WeTV. The trailer will also come out sometime before the release of the show.

Expected Plot of My Girlfriend Is an Alien Season 2

The plot of the show revolves around Chai Xiaoqi, who is an alien or, rather conventionally, we can say that she is an extraterrestrial girl. She tells everyone that she is from Cape Town Planet. Then, we have Fang Leng, who is the President of a company- Future Group of Companies. Chai Xiaoqi saves him.

They both feel attracted to each other. Not much is known about the show’s second season, but we do hope that the story will continue to be great.

Xiaoqi returns back to Earth (she is now the ambassador of her own planet), which means that we will again get the opportunity to see the romance between these characters. Fans surely are missing this lovely couple a lot, and we hope that it comes out soon enough.

Cast of Season 2 of My Girlfriend is an Alien

The main cast of the show will be seen again in My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2. Season 2 will have Wan Peng playing the role of Chai Xiaoqi, Thassapak Hsu playing the role of Fang Leng, Yang Yue playing the role of Jiang Xue, Wang You Jun playing the role of Fang, i.e., and Alina Zhang playing the role of Sister Chai.

The list of the staff hasn’t come out yet, but it is expected that Gao Zong Kai and Deng Ke will be directing the show again.

Where can you watch Season 1 of My Girlfriend is an Alien?

Those who have still not watched the show’s first season can see it on WeTV and MX Player.


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