Muku Avinash & Sai Kumar are Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Wild Card entries

Bigg Boss Season 4 was started on 6th September 2020. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the anchor of the show who previously hosted for season 3 of the same show.  Bigg Boss 3 was a successful show of Telugu states which led to the season 4. Though most of the rules are the same as the previous seasons, few changes were made in the conduction of the show. Let’s get to know the changes made in the show.  

On day 1, two of the expected comedians have not entered the show. Those two contestants are Muku Avinash and Sai Kumar. There were many rumors that these two persons are among the 16 contestants.

Muku Avinash Wild Card Entry

Mukku Avinash was rumored to be the contestant of the main 16 members but he had not entered on day 1 of the show. Few audiences were depressed with his absence. Now, it is expected that the comedian would be a wild card entry for the season.

Sai Kumar Wild Card Entry

Another person who is also expected to be a wild card entry is Sai Kumar Pampanga. He has worked in a few films as a comedian. He was also rumored to be one of the main contestants who entered the house on day 1.

All the participants entered the house on day 1 and few people were also sent to a  secret house which is beside Bigg Boss house. Syed Sohel Ryan and Ariyana Glory had entered a separate house as instructed by the anchor Nagarjuna. Further details about the secret house are yet to be revealed by Nagarjuna in the coming episodes.

All the 14 participants who entered the Bigg Boss House were divided into 7 pairs. The host of the show has given gifts to every participant. Then the participants were asked to open their gift boxes after entering the house. And then asked them to join with the persons who have objects which were connected to their objects.