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MTV Roadies Revolution September 26th Episode | Vote Results and Wildcard Information

MTV Roadies Revolution has gained popularity across the country. The 20th episode of the had a vote out session. We have seen lots of drama, suspense, immunity twists took place in the last three vote out sessions.

After a break, the show has decided to go with the 4th vote out session. Vote out session was the important part of the 20th episode which was telecasted on 26th September.

MTV Roadies Revolution 26th September Episode: 

The episode was viewed by many people as it includes vote out session. Oppo advantage was won by Nikhil and also he has the power of giving immunity to one contestant. As a result, all the contestants have to convince Nikhil to get the immunity. Then Apoorva has explained her rift with Arushi and Kevin. Apoorva also said that she is a versatile performer and she is on the verge of elimination.

Kevin had supported for Arushi to save her. Gang leaders were irritated by the actions of Kevin as he is giving away his opportunity to save Arushi from danger Zone.  And also Arushi has defended herself and requested Nikhil for immunity.

Who received Immunity? 

Nikhil has surprised everyone in giving immunity. He has given the immunity to Kevin and left Arushi in the danger zone. It felt like a battleground as soon as the immunity is given to Kevin. Vipin has a bad opinion on Kevin after watching his game. Later, Kevin understood that he has become a bad guy in other contestants’ perspective.

MTV Roadies Revolution 4th Vote Out Session: 

In the vote out session, Apoorva and Arushi Chawla were voted out of MTV Roadies Revolution. Arushi has exclaimed that she will miss Kevin the most whereas Apoorva expressed that she will miss Zabi, Jayant, Vipin, Abhimanyu the most.

After a whole drama, it is revealed that the elimination was fake. Apoorva or Arushi will be eliminated after losing a task. The winner between them will have the chance to stay in Roadies Revolution.


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