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MTV Roadies Revolution Elimination Results Episode 21 : Team Apoorva or Team Arushi Vote Out | October 3

This Saturday on MTV Roadies Revolution was left in suspense as Apoorva and Arushi were eliminated. This Saturday’s episode of MTV Roadies Revolution on October 3 is going to be a very interesting one. Rannvijay informed in the last episode that the fourth elimination will take place this week based on a task.

MTV Roadies Revolution Task Highlights

In episode 21 of MTV Roadies Revolution Apoorva and Arushi will be given the last chance to prove themselves and show why they deserve to be on the show. The task is going to be a nail-biting as both of them are rivals and everyone is excited to see who wins this task.

Team Apoorva and Team Arushi will compete against each other and that task will decide the destiny of the players in the show.

Team Arushi Members

  1. Arushi Chawla
  2. Prakhar Narayan
  3. Poonam Shah

Team Apoorva Members

  1. Apoorva Gole
  2. Taniya Hussain
  3. Bhavish Madhan

Winner Of Episode 21 October 3- Arushi or Apoorva?

The gang leaders had played a very important role in this task as they had the start through which they can save one contestant.

This task was very intense as both the contestants had to prove they are better than their rival contestants. Another nail-biting event for them was to see if their gang leaders will save them when they lose or not. This task is very important for both Apoorva and Arushi.

In the last episode, Arushi’s team took a lead in the task over Apoorva’s team. And at last, Arushi won the task and Apoorva was about to get eliminated but it is expected that one of the gang leaders will use the star to save Apoorva. If this event takes place this will be a huge blow for Kevin and Arushi.

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