Mr. Queen Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, Plot and Renewal Status

mr.queen season 2

Hey! We got an update on Mr. Queen Season 2 Release Date. We are sure it’s going to be more interesting than season 1. Mr. Queen is the 7th highest-rated drama series in Korean cable television history.

Mr. Queen Season 2 Release Date

Mr. Queen series is based on the original Chinese web drama Go Princess Go. The story is about a man named  Bong-hwan from the modern age, being trapped in the body of Queen Cheorin in the Joseon era. This series was mostly loved due to the unique story-line. Now that season 2 is on talks, fans are excited about it. Few sources state that Mr. Queen will come back with season 2 but there is no official confirmation from the makers. Stay connected with us, we will update Mr. Queen Season 2 Release Date as soon as the announcement is made.

Mr. Queen Season 2 Release Date
Mr. Queen Season 2 Release Date

Mr. Queen Season 2 Renewal Status

Mr. Queen makers have not made any comments on season 2 yet. There is no official announcement regarding its renewal as well. As mentioned, it is adapted from the Chinese drama, so if there’s going to be season 2 then the show does not have any further storyline. That means the makers have to come up with new ideas to make it as interesting as season 1. And, it can be quite challenging. We can’t say for sure but we can hope that Mr. Queen will come back with Season 2. We will update more details about it in the coming days.

Mr. Queen Season 2 Cast

If Mr. Queen Season 2 will happen then the main roles of Queen Cheorin, Kim So-yong, and King Cheoljong, Lee Won-beom will be retained by Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun. Coming to other supporting roles, the makers will decide it based on the storyline of Mr. Queen Season 2. Any other guest roles or new characters will be announced after the series renewal. We just have to wait for the announcement!

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