Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai Season 3 to start from 24th April 2021, Contestants list

The Indian audience has always loved reality shows, especially game reality shows, as they are such programs that bring the whole family together.

Here is a new season of Mr& Mrs. Chinnathirai. The show has already had its two seasons, and the third season will be on the floor soon. Here are few updates you need to know about Mr& Mrs. Chinnathirai.

Mr& Mrs. Chinnathirai, What Is It All About?

The concept of the show is quite old as per the Indian audience. Mr& Mrs. Chinnathirai is a game show where real and reel life couples pair up to play fun games to win the title of ‘Mr& Mrs. Chinnathirai.’ The format for the third season is also going to be the same but with new contestants.


Who Will Be The Judge and Host?

The judges for season three of Mr& Mrs. Chinnathirai are going to be NeeyaNaanaGopinath and Devadarshini. They judged the previous seasons also and are going to return for the third season as well. Archana and Ma Pa KaAnand are going to share the stage as hosts for the show.

Who Are Gonna Be The Contestants?

The contestants for season three of Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai are going to be Actress Dheepa along with her husband, Comedian Sarath with his wife, Sudhakar (Singer) with his wife, Myna Nandhini (Actress) with her husband, BadavaGopi (comedian) with his wife, Put Chutney Raj Mohan with his wife, VelMurugan(Singer) with his wife.

When Will It Release?

The third season is going to premiere on 24th April 2021 that is going to be a Saturday. The show will be available on Vijay TV for broadcast and Disney plus Hotstar for streaming.


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