Miesha Iyer (Splitsvilla X2 Season12 Contestant) Full Details

The 12th season of Splitsvilla has just kick-started, the inaugural episode aired on MTV on 16th of August.

The audience get to witness the contestants for the very first time. The girls were the ones to be introduced initially, there were a total of 10 of them.

Miesha Iyer.

Miesha Iyer (Splitsvilla X2 Season12 Contestant) Full Details

She is one of the female contestants of the Splitsvilla season 12. She was looking Atrociously beautiful, in the first episode, and got some serious attention from the male counterparts. However, she wasn’t able to get hold of any of the 3 necklaces that was on offer from the side of the selected boys.

Age: Miesha Iyer was born on April 5th, 1994, she is 25 years old.

Her body dimensions:

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs 47 kg, those are quite awesome figures for a model.

Previous television appearances.

Probably she is the most popular face among all the female contestants in the show. She was a part of the recently concluded reality show called Ace of Space, she performed reasonably well, and managed to make it to the finale week of the show.

She was also a part of the web series Hadh where she played a crucial character.

Relationship status, hometown, and Instagram profile.

She is from Mumbai, currently, she presents herself as single, and desires to find her ideal match in the show.

@mieshaiyer is her Instagram profile, you can follow her there. She currently has 98k followers on Instagram as of now. Expect this number to increase as she progresses in the show.

First Impression

Miesha wasn’t able to find any connection with any of the three boys who came to visit the house. She was seen building some sort of group for herself. Overall she accounted for a reasonable amount of camera time.

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