Matching Your Wedding Band with an Engagement Ring

Creation of the Powerful Duo

While many stores sell bridal sets, some couples still gravitate towards purchasing wedding bands separately from an engagement ring. And you must be one of them. Instead of scouring a range of shopping centres while searching for an ideal match, study our guide and find a smashing wedding band in a flash.

Selecting a wedding band will be tricky if your engagement ring features an unusual gem, off-beat shape or alloy of metals. You’ll wear the duo together, so it should be aesthetically balanced. There are many nuances to account for and numerous decisions to make. But we’ve got you covered. There is no need for the shopping process to be time-consuming and demanding.

We’ve talked with the top jewellery designers at GS Diamonds to ask for their wisdom. They shared the crucial key to a gorgeous stack – cohesive appearance. An engagement band should dominate its wedding counterpart. In its turn, the wedding ring’s function is to accentuate the beauty of the centrepiece diamond and showcase it under the right angle. Before storming to reputable websites or stores, ponder over these questions:

Do I Opt for a Uniform or Messy Look?

In the hunt for treasured jewellery, you can choose between two paths: conformity or diversity. Conformity implies the display of similar settings(vintage or modern), crystals(semi-precious or precious, lab-grown or organic stones) and materials (classic or alternative). Diversity, on the contrary, presupposes the combination of disparate metals and designs that meet to create an inspired personalised accessory. Over the years, we’ve seen the uptick in original mixes and artisans forecast this trend to continue into a new year. Pair two distinct rings and start a mind-blowing bride’s stack. However, be careful with your preferences; you don’t want the bands to clash. We recommend sticking to at least one linking element to keep the overall harmony in check.

Do I Wish the Materials to Match?

Typically wedding and engagement rings are forged from the same metal. However, you are free to skip the rule and experiment with textures. The combo of yellow and rose gold makes the set more intriguing and tender. Meanwhile, the white and yellow gold blend gives a contemporary, progressive vibe.

Shall My Band Resemble That of My Partner?

It’s totally up to you. We are more than confident your future hubby won’t judge your choice, whichever it may be. Men, as a rule, aren’t that concerned with jewellery. They care about the message it conveys. You can purchase different bands with identical stones or mountings if you aim to preserve utter symbolism. Wedding-related items should be about actualising your tastes and desires, not following the customs.

Nestling an Engagement Ring Against the Wedding Band

For the most part, the placing of a wedding ring depends on the type of your engagement ring. High-profile settings allow to accommodate a wedding band snuggly below the brilliant. If you aren’t partial to the zero-spaces idea, wear rings on separate fingers and get an engulfing impression by covering a broader area. Alternatively, layer the bands up on one finger with a gap in-between. Use your imagination and come up with a concept that gives the most comfortable feel and fabulous appearance.

Wedding Band Varieties

Conventional Wedding Bands

A classy wedding band will sit tightly against your engagement ring. It can be a straight unadorned metal shank or an eternity band with a row of lustrous diamonds. Intertwined with the second piece, they forge a minimalistic, elegant ensemble.

Another option to consider is an infinity band. Although it will not rest flush with your betrothal token, it’s worth the thought. The wave lines of endless “eight” signs draw many customers and magnify the blink of an engagement ring. If your first piece discloses a fancy-cut stone, like marquise or princess, the infinity band is the winning deal. The subtle radiance will be multiplied and balance restored.

Contoured Wedding Bands

With low-setting engagement bands, a conventional wedding band won’t do. In this case, you should pick out a contoured ring. It is specifically devised to duplicate the curvature of the existing accessory. Natural clasp pleases the eye and paints the completed composition.

Notched Wedding Bands

Another variant for a flush image is a notched wedding band. Together with an engagement ring, it reminds of a joined puzzle. Instead of bending around, it has a straight shank until the front, where a small groove is carved to fit in the main gem.

Accentuated Wedding Bands

Wedding bands embellished with diamonds are chic and innovative. If you decided upon the more conservative design for your engagement ring, now is the time to spice things up.

Learning About Settings:

While solitaire may be paired with an array of mountings, the same doesn’t apply to paves or halos. Their extra radiance and considerate size do not leave room for bulky wedding bands. Thus, pay attention to the shank’s width. We suggest choosing the same one for both accessories.

Pairing Your Rings Based on a Mounting

Bezel Engagement Ring

The avant-garde tone of this style goes well with conventional wedding bands. Put on different fingers; they allure with simplicity and flexibility.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo is the setting that stands out in any room. You can increase its pomposity by selecting the eternity band. The gems in halos are encrusted slightly higher, so gravitate towards dainty shanks.

Three Stones Engagement Ring

The intricate ornaments of this style mesmerise like no other. Opt for a conventional wedding band if you don’t want a distraction from the meaningful design. For extra glamour, embed diverse diamond forms and colours.

It All Comes Down to This

The theory is great but what’s more important is practical application. The rich assortment on the Internet excites and yields positive results. We are inclined towards ordering a wedding band online. However, before opening your wallet, we recommend consulting with the company’s artisans. Visualise how the wedding band would look with your engagement ring, ask for a professional opinion, sleep on your choice, and you’re golden.

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