March 10, 2020 Wrestling Rumors: WWE And AEW Contemplate Holding Events In Empty Arenas Due To Coronavirus

If the virus is spreading faster, empty shows for the two promotions would not be out of the question.

There have been many improvements in how the world of sports works as fears about the rising coronavirus. Events were canceled, media is shut down and many teams are afraid to travel. The infection also threatens the Wwf and All Elite Wrestling. All promotions can host empty shows or completely postpone events, as other wrestling companies have done. For example, a number of events have already been canceled by New Japan Pro Wrestling, in order to protect fans and wrestlers from the disease.

WWE And AEW Contemplate Holding Events In Empty Arenas Due To Coronavirus
WWE And AEW Contemplate Holding Events In Empty Arenas Due To Coronavirus

Stephanie McMahon and WWE are, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, not against postponing or canceling WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, Florida, for the following month. The campaign proved that it would not jeopardize the safety and health of superstars or fans and, if necessary, take extreme action.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, this prompted both WWE and AEW to find hollow spectacles by Wrestle Speak. The threats might end up being too large for an enormous gathering of people at the WrestleMania 36, including fans from more than 100 different countries anticipated.

The NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL have temporarily banned the journalists from entering the locker rooms of the team to help avoid the spread of the virus on Monday. Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer suggested that these major sporting associations are prepared to play in vacant stadiums if appropriate. He went on to say that AEW and WWE had discussed internally the same matter. He went on to say that it was “negligent” not to think about the potential.

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