Manifest Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Renewal Status

Manifest Season 3: Release Date :

Manifest became one of the few American Tv series to have an average viewership of 7.7 million, combining live streams and catch-up streams. A supernatural drama is so thrilling that the makers bring the brand new season of Manifest on April 1, 2021.

The series first aired on NBC in September 2018. The plot encompasses a crew of passengers and commercial airliner, who, out of the blue, reappear after having being declared dead for more than half-decade. The die-hard fans’ wait has come to an end as the series’ third season is all set to premiere on Thursday, April 1 in the USA, while it will air in the UK on Sky One in July, most probably, or maybe later.

Manifest Season 3 Release Date

Manifest Cast:

This series full of mystic possibilities and supernatural romance can unfold to many theories in its third season. Season 2 marked a creepy finale with the case of Matt Long being resurrected. The major, Elizabeth Marvel, was murdered by Saanvi Bahl.

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The cast and crew of season 3 shall be comprised of Melissa Roxburgh as Michela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, JR Ramirez as Jared Vasquez, Luna Blaise as Olive Stone, and Jack Messina as Cal Stone. An exciting cameo will be seen by Holly Taylor, the star from The Americans playing Angelina, a passenger on flight 828 who is yet to be seen and discovered by Ben.

Manifest Season 3 Release Date

Manifest Plot Details:

Many plot theories have come into effect since the news of an upcoming season 3 has been out. One of them being that Saanvi determined to discover the mystery around the airplane tailfin, which was the dugout. The whole story connected to the tailfin while it laid below the ocean all the time. As the mysteries behind it would unfold, an entire new gush of adrenaline will flow when the natural complexities of flight 828’s mythology unfold.

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A new romantic episode can be seen between Michaela and Zeke. All these events will happen following a jump cut of about three months. The two love birds’ story won’t be as sweet as they will move together, completely unaware of a third party there. The gloomy and eccentric passengers aren’t going to make it easy anyways.

Manifest Season 3 Release Date

Drastic action sequences can be expected from Saanvi along with Rake. Rake got your back with a simple explainer video, summarising both the seasons and explaining the linkages between it and the third season for the fans feeling a little lost and anticipating a quick recap.


The third season was renewed by NBC on15 June 2020. But the Covid pandemic made it almost impossible for the makers to wrap up with it. The series was expressed as a marvel by many critics. However, others gave mixed opinions on the same blaming its storyline and blandness, calling it a failed attempt to balance the drama and mysterious supernaturalistic elements. Fans have hopes high from season 3, and the makers to are keen on not disappointing the fans.


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