Maniac Season 2 Release Date and Renewal : Everything We Know So Far!

Psychological dark comedy-drama miniseries, Maniac was released in September 2018. The series was applauded for the dazzling visuals, terrific narrative, and stunning performances by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. The show received critical acclaim and nomination for a no. of awards.

The ten episodes long show revolved around two strangers, who connect during a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial, played by Emma and Jonah. It’s not at all surprising that the fans are looking forward to hearing a renewal announcement. But are the makers ready for it? Let’s find out.

Has Maniac been renewed for Season 2?

Maniac Season 2

Season 1 was directed by Cary Fukunaga. Fukunaga has often claimed that he believes in putting his heart and soul into a project and then moving on. He asserted that while writing Season 1, Season 2 was nowhere in his mind, and hence he didn’t try to leave a cliffhanger or anything else to continue. Despite his firm stance, on another occasion, he said that even though he will not direct another Maniac season, he would love to see more episodes coming out from somebody else’s pen.

Besides Fukunaga, showrunner Patrick Somerville had also denied the plans of a renewal. He asserted that he was happy that they gave the show a satisfactory ending. Given that, it’s clear that until somebody else, other than the original creators, picks up the show to extend it, the show is not coming with a second season. Since there is no news of a renewal, Release Date is out of the question.

Currently, Fukunaga has joined Bond 25 after Danny Boyle was excited due to the creative differences.

So until the show gets renewed, let’s savor the dark comedy’s Season 1. Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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