Manasi Joshi’s Inspirational Tale: What Every Youngster Needs to Know

Life is unpredictable and can be incredibly challenging if you do not have a contingency plan. You may not know this, but in India, a road accident happens every minute! 

The statistics are both abysmal and worrisome. This is the reason investing in the best insurance policy is not just a tax-saving decision but a necessity, as you would learn from Manasi Joshi’s ordeal. 

The story of Manasi Joshi, a para-badminton player, is heart-breaking but mostly inspiring. She defied all odds to not only achieve her dream but also reach the peak. 

Manasi’s life came to a screeching halt in 2011 when she lost one of her legs in a road accident in Mumbai. But that didn’t stop this Gujarat-based software engineer from achieving her goals. She continued to chase her dreams with a fierce determination and brought home the first bronze medal in women’s singles SL3 category at the Thailand Para-Badminton International. 

Manasi is one of those rare cases who overcame the odds of life with her sheer resolve. This article is her success story through her travails and why you need to invest in the best insurance policy to protect yourself against such eventualities. 


  • Who is Manasi Joshi? 


Manasi is a para-badminton player who put India on the world map after bagging the first-ever Para World Badminton Championship Gold in the country’s history. Joshi’s success was notable because she became victorious against Parul Parmar, a three-time world champion in the SL3 category –players in this category are impaired in one or both lower limbs and do not have adequate running balance. 


At first, when Manasi tried to participate in the Para Asian Games in 2014, she didn’t get selected. The same year, however, she played for the first national-level badminton tournament and earned herself a silver medal. The winning streak didn’t end there as the champion scored herself a 5th spot in the Spanish para-badminton international championship next year. 



  • Her Tragic Accident and Life’s Uncertainties



You are no stranger to life’s uncertainties. This is why they always say that a stitch in time saves nine. Investing in the best insurance policy as early as possible protects you and your family against unforeseen circumstances and helps you stay afloat in case of an incident.  

In 2011, when Manasi Joshi met with a road accident after being hit by a truck, she struggled between life and death for hours in the operation theatre. In the end, the doctors couldn’t save her leg, which had to be amputated due to gangrene. It was a blow to her and her dreams. But with the help of a prosthetic leg, she could walk again and restart her journey in 2012 as a para-badminton player. 

However, Manasi recalls how difficult it was for her to pay for the prosthetic leg due to its exceptionally high costs. Adversities such as this demand that you must have an insurance plan to fall back on in case of such severe accidental injuries. 


  • Manasi’s Tale of Courage and Determination



After losing her leg, Manasi was not immediately disheartened and didn’t stop playing badminton. After getting her prosthetic, she returned to the court in 2012 and saw herself win. Thus began her training, and the dividends paid off when she won her first national-level tournament in 2014. In 2015, she won silver in World Championship and is now a proud owner of a gold medal. 

From then on, as they say, history speaks for itself! 

Listening to her life story, one would think that it is no less than a Bollywood movie. Starting her life from scratch with a prosthetic leg had its challenges. 

However, it is safe to assume that with the help of insurance plans, she would have at least one less thing to worry about – the money to pay for her prosthetic leg, which recounts was an ordeal in itself.  

Manasi reveals that para-sports suffer due to a lack of financial support. She highlights the apathy of government funding at the grass-root level, where the costs could be significantly less. For Manasi, it was an uphill task to arrange for almost Rs. 26-27 Lakhs for her prosthetic legs,for she wasn’t covered by the best insurance policy or had any sponsors. 

As she begins her preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics for the mixed-double category, Manasi urges the government and corporate houses to come forward and lend financial support to these para-athletes. 


  • Life lessons from Manasi’s Journey


Manasi is successful in court today. However, her journey is worth noting and learning from. It takes immense courage and determination to continue with just one natural leg. It is her will to continue despite the limitations that teach us a valuable life lesson. 

At the same time, one cannot overlook the importance of investing in the best insurance policy. With the support of insurance plans and a suitable rider, Manasi could have at least paid for her prosthetic leg with relative ease. 

Therefore, remember that when life throws you lemons, make sure you have the best insurance policy to help you make lemonade! 

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