Making The Cut Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Making The Cut Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

The apparent reduced budget for Season 2 of “Making the Cut” was likely due to the mixed reception of Season 1. Season 1 has three stars on Amazon, with 37% of the reviews being five stars and 27% of them being one star. One reviewer called the show, “Mean, Bloated and Boring.” Another complained about the judging, writing, “i am so put off with how rude the judging is, especially from Naomi Campbell.” 

E! News wrote that Season 1 “paled in comparison” to “Project Runway,” and published a list of the show’s flaws. This included not showing the seamstresses who actually constructed the designers’ garments, segments featuring Tim and Heidi galavanting in Paris and Tokyo that had nothing to do with the actual competition, and as one of the aforementioned Amazon reviewers pointed out, the judging. Ultimately, E! News concluded that the show failed to stick out in a world where “Project Runway” is king.

Season 2 was just as polarizing, receiving 35% five-star reviews and 31% one-star reviews. “And the winner is….glitter,” read the top one-star review. Critics, however, were a bit friendlier. Cultjer noted that the Tim and Heidi segments were gone, writing, “… this season is all about the designers and their clothing.” Elle called it “must-watch streaming.” With all the mixed publicity, will Amazon even bother to greenlight a Season 3? We’ll have to wait and see.


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