“Making Babies Movie” Review – Plot, Cast, How To Watch and More

Pregnancy or having a baby is termed one of the best gifts of couples. A baby brings fortune to the family, and every couple desires to see the smile of their babies. However, there are so many couples who pass through a tough phase and encounter tons of problematic situations during the course of conceiving. However, no filmmaker other than Josh Huber can think of portraying the tragic journey of a couple while making babies. One of the top Hollywood directors, Josh Huber, beautifully sketches the difficulties during conceiving and how a couple deals with it in his blockbuster movie “Making Babies.” The movie depicts the need for creative contraception with a touch of comedy to amaze the audience.

Josh Hober is famous for his out-of-the-box movies that entertain the audience and pass an interesting message. “Making Babies” is one of his masterpiece works, where he beautifully highlights the journey of a couple to have their first baby. The director has extraordinarily picked a catchy and important plot to bring the audience something new.

“Making Babies” is a perfectly soothing sitcom that depicts the story of a couple trying to become triplets. The movie carries the essence of comedy, and every single scene drops a surprise to amaze the viewers.

Making Babies Plot

The director and writer of “Making Babies,” Josh F.Huber, has put tons of humorous twists that take the viewers on a rollercoaster ride. The film introduces a couple, John and Katie, who are heartbroken and disappointed after repeated failure to conceive naturally. John was struggling with his IT specialist’s job and wanted to open his own brewery. While Katie is pretty jealous of her boss as she has no issues in getting pregnant. With the tickling of time, their disappointment and frustration turned into desperation, which poked them to hunt for a way to make babies. Director Josh here beautifully sketches a fun element with a sequence of sex jokes between the couples.

making babies movie

The desperation led the couple to choose artificial ways to produce babies. They open mind to wander among several options and at last picking up infertility. John and Katie have played a commendable role in rolling the audience through a ride of humorous jokes and comedy sequences. The couple shares interesting comedic chemistry. Huber has tried to create the most humorous reproduction-related comedy scene as the couple unites physically, mentally and shares a strong bond of love. Some supporting characters have added more spice to the plot, leaving the audience blushing and laughing.

The story continued when the five years married couple John and Katie decides to move to a fertility specialist, Dr. Remis, with the last hope to get pregnant with the help of science. After analyzing their case, the doctor deduces that the problem is in John’s sperm count. So, they will need a sperm donor. The plot moves on with several twists and turns till it reaches a point where it grabs the audience’s eye with an emotional or semi-serious event.

One of the best things about “Making Babies” is its unique plot and how it presents the process of conception. As per the latest studies, over 9% of men and 11% of women suffer from fertility problems. Katie and John’s primary characters define the facts and help the audience understand how to deal with the different situations. With a phenomenal screenplay, all the characters touch the viewer’s heart and define how couples can support, love, and respect each other during a tough phase.

Making Babies Movie:

making babies movie

Making Babies is an ideal film for couples going through this harsh phase and feeling less alone. Our society largely overlooks several problems and is always stuck with the outer conditioning. Making Babies confronts society’s viewpoint and points out something that is not very easy to create and depict.

The magician Josh has created a story to be admired for decades, and it is pretty obvious that Making Babies has secured a prominent place in everyone’s heart. The IMDb rating of Making Babies 2018 is 5.6, and the movie managed to get a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, due to its plot and cast, there are still many fans of the movie.

Making Babies 2018 Cast List

Making Babies features a hub of popular faces from the industry. The prominence of the star cast elevates the popularity of the movie. Its main characters, Katie and John, who drive the audience crazy, were played by Eliza Coupe and Steve Howey. Other cast members are – Elizabeth Rodriguez playing Maria, Glenne Headly playing Bird, Ed Begley Jr. playing Dr. Remis, Bob Stephenson playing Gordon, Jon Daly playing Caesar, Jennifer Lafleur playing Danica. Apart from them, Heidi Gardner plays Meg, Laird Macintosh plays Officer Powers, and Sarah Mahmoodi plays Tabby. The movie also casts tons of support stars to complement the major character’s roles.

How to watch Making Babies Movie online?

Making Babies, the 2018 hit movie directed by Josh F.Huber, is available across the OTT platforms. The movie is around 1 hour 26 minutes long and is available in English subtitles. The viewers can watch the movie with a premium subscription on Amazon Prime Videos.

Link – https://www.amazon.com/Making-Babies-Eliza-Coupe/dp/B07S382F9Q


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