Major League Baseball MLB Season 2020: Start Date (Schedule) & Changes

All the baseball fans are very excited and looking forward to their favorite stars’ performance as Major League Baseball Season 2020 is coming soon. Fans have been waiting for this as the whole world is going through a tough time, and everyone is waiting for the day when we will get rid of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Major League Baseball MLB Season 2020: Start Date (Schedule) & Changes

Why Was MLB 2020 Delayed?

Due to the outspread of coronavirus, most countries have imposed complete lockdown considering the global health concern. Due to this, all the matches have been canceled. Fans of Major League Baseball have been waiting for so long to see their favorite stars play.

Season 2020 of Major League Baseball was scheduled to take place early this year, but it got delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As per the latest speculations, it seems the season 2020 is going to start soon. Major League Baseball announced to postpone the match on March 12, 2020. Something like this has also happened before in 2001 when twin towers were attacked.

The start date of Major League Baseball has not been announced yet.

Changes In Major League Baseball 2020

As per the latest reports, proposals will be sent by officials about the new plan of MLB 2020. The latest game will have around 80 games.

Major League Baseball 2020 changes are as follows:-

  1. Matches are reduced to 80 from 161.
  2. If states allow their teams, they will be allowed to play in their home park following the local guideline.
  3. The schedule will be as short as possible.
  4. Matches will not have an audience.
  5. 50players are allowed by rosters.

Major League Baseball 2020 Start Date

The MLB 2020 will be starting around July 2020. the official date is not yet revealed.

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