Maharashtra E Pass Portal – Maha COVID19 ePass, Lockdown Pass Application Online

The increase in Coronavirus cases has led to many states in the nation declaring a full or partial lockdown. The virus mainly spreads through human touch, and hence lockdown is imposed by the government to control the virus by limiting human movement for non-essential activities.

Maharashtra Lockdown E Pass- when is it needed

According to Maharashtra officials, frontline workers and essential service providers like doctors, nurses, government employees, food deliverymen, etc., do not need an e-pass to travel and can use their respective identity cards to pass through police blockades. Others who need to travel for emergency purposes will have to apply for an e-pass from the Maharashtra state authorities.

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E-pass application process( Online and Offline)

The steps for an e-pass application online are as follows.

  1. One can apply for the e-pass by visiting the official portal created by the Maharashtra government

2. Once you select the ‘apply for a pass here’ option, you will be prompted to choose if you are traveling within or outside Maharashtra ( a yes/no prompt will appear)

3. In case you have selected “yes,” you will be asked to provide the number of co-passengers and then be directed to another page where more details are required

4. If you have selected “no,” you can directly start filling out the information needed for the e-pass( Vehicle details, Address, etc.)

5. After inputting this information, you will also be required to upload a picture of yourself using either your webcam or any other device to the space provided

6. Certain other documents will also need to be uploaded, such as Aadhar copy, Medical certificates, and any other documents which can support your reason for travel

If someone does not have internet access, they can file the e-pass at a police station. The documents required are the same for both the online and offline process. Once the e-pass is approved, it can be downloaded from the official website or collected from the police station where the initial application was filed.


Currently, Maharashtra is under lockdown till May 31 to curb the rapid rise in recent cases. It is the most affected state during the pandemic, with a reported 54 lakh cases and more than 83,000 deaths.

It is clear that only emergency travel with an approved e-pass is allowed, and lockdown restrictions are in place to combat the virus.

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