“Lupin” Season 3 Release Date Window, Episodes, Cast & More

The fan-favorite spy of Netflix’s action-thriller series, Lupin is gearing up for more adventures. The show star Omar Sy has confirmed the return of “Lupin” for Season 3. But when is the new season arriving? Here is everything we know.

"Lupin" Season 3 Release Date Window, Episodes, Cast & More

“Lupin” is one of the flagship thriller series on Netflix. The first two seasons were something extraordinary coming from the creator, George Kay. “Lupin” is inspired by the breath-taking adventures of Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief, who is the magician of disguises. “Lupin” has received a rating of 7.8/10, and the fans are waiting for the third installment of the show.

Has Netflix Renewed “Lupin” For Season 3?

“Lupin” is one of the most popular crime-thriller series on Netflix. However, the streaming king has not yet disclosed the renewal status of the third season. But, still, there is a light of hope as the show star, Omar Sy, has officially revealed that “Lupin” Season 3 is under development. The fan-favorite star Omar mentioned in his official tweet that Lupin part 3 is arriving shortly.

"Lupin" Season 3 Release Date Window, Episodes, Cast & More

“Lupin” Season 3 Release Date Window

Back in May, Omar Sy confirmed the return of “Lupin” for its Season 3. However, the streaming king has been silent about the comeback. But, the show creator, George Kay, in a recent interview, revealed that season 3 would drop sometime in 2022. So, fans gear up to witness another exciting thrill-loaded season soon.

“Lupin” Season 3 Episodes

"Lupin" Season 3 Release Date Window, Episodes, Cast & More

The number of episodes coming in Season 3 is not officially revealed. However, if we see, Season 1 and 2 both came up with five thrilling episodes. So, it’s likely that part 3 will also bring five episodes loaded with twists and turns.

“Lupin” Season 3 Cast

Although the creators have not revealed the official cast list for “Lupin” Season 3, we have some updates. In season 3, Omar Sy will return as Lupin. In addition, Ludivine Sagnier will play Claire, Etan Simon will play Raoul, and Antoine Gouy will be back as Benjamin. While, the return of Soufiane Guerrab as Guedira, Vincent Londez as Romain Laugier and Shirine Boutella as Sofia Belkacem is not yet confirmed.


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