Lupin Season 2 Release Date: Second Season to Netflix is Coming this Summer!

A thriller that captured the audience’s attention with its brilliant plot, the French Television series Lupin, gained wide popularity soon after the pilot season was aired on Netflix earlier this year. The reviews gained for the protagonist inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s fictional character known as the master of disguise Arsene Lupin, with his strong will to avenge injustice sets apart this series from other heist-based TV Shows.

Lupin Part 2The pilot begins when the heist for a diamond necklace takes an unexpected turn and through five episodes of suspense, action, and drama ends on a major cliffhanger where the protagonist Assane’s son is kidnapped and he loses one of his biggest allies. All the more reason for the show’s cast to return to the screen and bedazzle the myriad fans with its witty yet genius plot.

Lupin Season 2 Release Date

For all those who have been eagerly waiting for Lupin Season 2, we bring great news! Word’s out, the release of the second part of the series will be launched by Netflix in the summer of 2021.

Lupin Part 2Thankfully, here’s something that our readers can ease themselves with. The show was already written and shot for 10 episodes, of which, the first part has only been aired. The second season in the queue avoids more haste and suffers delay in writing and shooting amidst this pandemic situation.

The creators George Kay and Francois Uzan along with the whole crew of Lupin hit are delighted to announce the second part which has in store some strong settings and expansions to awe the fans.

Lupin Season 2 Official Teaser

Since Netflix dropped the official teaser to Season 2 of Lupin earlier this March, new viewers were called upon to be bewildered by this successful show. Not to mention, the brilliance in casting involving Omar Sy (the main character), Etan Simon, Vincent Londez, Shirine Boutella, Ludivine Sagnier, and Herve Pierre among many others have already won the hearts of the viewers.

All of us awaiting the summer, now that we are getting closer to the release dates, let’s calm down and get ready to witness the twists and more thrills.


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