Lucifer Season 6: Netflix shares exciting news ahead of 5B premiere

Well, the release of the 5B Season is yet due. However, the fans have been gushing for the sixth and final installment of Lucifer. The series is a neatly interwoven riddle of multiple plots and plot twists.

Lucifer Season 6 What it Holds For Us? Creators Spill The Tea

The creators of the show, Idly Modrovich and Joe Henderson, are undoubtedly the masters of storytelling as we have seen so far. They have been keeping the fans updated on the latest news regarding the sixth and final season. They have been speculating about the release of Lucifer season 6 as well, the top-rated Netflix series.

lucifer 6

The creators made it clear that the time difference between the fifth and the sixth season of Lucifer will be the same as between part A and part B of Lucifer season 5. They treated the fans with a post on Instagram where it was evident that the Lucifer season 6 has wrapped up completely.

Lucifer Season 6 Updates On Release

The COVID wave has, however, made it difficult for the makers to continue with the post-production obligations to refurbish the series before a final cut. What we can expect for now is that the series will release in early 2022 maybe.

He said that whatever the season holds for the audience may be renovated once again, all depending on the response of Lucifer Season 5B.


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