Love Victor Season 3: Everything We Know About The Show’s Release Date

Love, Victor is an American teen show streaming television series created by Isaac aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, enlivened by and situated in a world similar to the 2018 movie Love, Simon.

Michael Cimino stars as Victor, a teenager from a half Puerto Rican, half Colombian-American family living in Atlanta, close to George Sear, Rachel Hilson, Bebe Wood, Anthony Turpel, Isabella Ferreira, Ana Ortiz, James Martinez, Mason Gooding, and Mateo Fernandez.

The show first debuted on June 17, 2020, on Hulu. It is produced by 20th Television, featuring: Aptaker and Berger act as showrunners. The following season debuted on June 11, 2021.

And in July 2021, the series was reinstated for the Love Victor Season 3However, the dates are not fixed yet!

In this post, we are going to cover everything about the show such as the character details, the storyline for season 3, the ending of the previous season and much more.

What will be shown in Season 3 of Love Victor?

The main season revolves around another understudy at Creekwood High School, Victor. The series follows his excursion of self-disclosure, facing difficulties at home and battling with his sexual orientation. He connects with Simon when it proves extremely difficult for him to explore through high school.

The following season manages the result of his coming out and follows Victor as he explores this new world with his companions, while also managing his relationship with Benji, which is tested on numerous occasions, to some extent because of Victor’s family and another conceivable love interest.

Love Victor Season 3: Everything We Know About The Show's Release Date

As Mia’s father’s wedding approaches, their relationship is strained after Harold discovers he’s taking the job in California. Disconcerting by his separation from Benjic, Victor welcomes Rahim to the wedding.

Felix’s mother returns and lets him know how much Lake’s help meant for her. Isabel apologizes to Benji, forcing him to rethink his relationship with Victor.

Benji goes to the wedding, but sees Victor hit the dance floor with Rahim and storm off. Rahim admits he cares about Victor and they share a kiss. He lets Victor know that he needs to sort out his feelings. Felix takes the dance floor with Lake, but gets caught up in his newfound affection for Pilar.

Victor and Felix talking about what they should be doing and encouraging each other to be who they should be with. On the other side, we see Felix following Pilar and kissing her. Lake chooses to invest energy with Lucy.

Armando and Isabel choose to give their marriage another chance. Andrew and Mia slip out of town to meet Mia’s mother. While Victor is on his way to join his decision, he accepts a call from Simon.

Victor shows appreciation for Simon for his help and also tells him that he has developed enough that he no longer needs his recommendation later and closes the show.

The Love Victor season 3 has chances to start where it ends in the second season. We are going to see some ups and downs in the lives of Simon, Armando and Isabel.

Love Victor Season 3 – Characters!

As far as we believe the show’s old characters can come back… So starting with the Love Victor’s leads, Michael Cimino has chances to be on the show in his particular role of Victor Salazar, Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks, Anthony Turpel as Felix West, Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether, Mason Gooding as Andrew, and George Seara as Benji Campbell.

Isabella Ferreira as pillar Salazar, Mateo Fernandez as Adrian Salazar, Ana Ortiz as Isabel Salazar, Mekhi Phifer as Harold Brooks, Sophia Bush as Veronica, Charlie Hall as Kieran, AJ Carr as Teddy, Lukas Gage as Dirk, Betsy Brandt as Dawn West, Ava Capric as Lucy and Anthony Keyvan as Rahim.

Julie Benz as Shelby, Beth Littleford like Sarah, Leslie Grossman as Georgina Meriwether, Abigail killmeier as Wendy, Andy Richter as coach Ford, Will Ropp as Wyatt, and Ali Wong | as Ms Thomas also has opportunities to return to the program in their respective roles.

Additional supporting characters-

  • Steven Heisler as Roger
  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Bram Greenfeld
  • Tommy Dorfman as Justin
  • Natasha Rothwell as Mrs Albright
  • Terri Hoyos as Natalia Salazar
  • Juan Carlos Cantu as Tito Salazar
  • Josh Duhamel as Jack Spier
  • Daniel Croix as Tyler
  • Kevin Rahm as mr. Campbell
  • Embeth Davidtz as Mrs Campbell
  • Nicholas Hamilton as Charlie
  • Carlie Hanson as a band member of Benji’s

What did the people and critics say after seeing the show?

On the side of huluLove Victor is one of the most popular and watched dramas on their platform since the day it premiered. They also added that it was also the most packed unique drama series hulu in 2020 during the first week and after that the second most cracked unique on Hulu Solar Contradictions.

The first seasons get an approval rating of around 90% from Rotten Tomatoes which is based on approximately 49 reviews with an average rating of 7.13/10.

A critics reviews, Michael Cimino charms in Love, Victor, a sincere and sweet – if safe – spin-off with a lot of heart.”

Metacritic gave the series a mediocre or we could say a normal score of 69 out of 100, in light of 21 critics, who said “generally favorable reviews”.

Now something about the second episode, the Love Victor season 2 has exceeded the rating scale it has been given 100% approval rating of the Tomato scale.

“Grounded by its talented cast, Love, Victor grows into itself with a mature second season that handles difficult situations with care.” – Critic said about the second season.


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