‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 2: NBC renews the series!

The broadcasting network NBC reportedly renewed the popular Wolf World thriller drama series Law & Order: Organized Crime. The series brought Elliot Stabler’s character played by Christopher Meloni back in almost a decade. By its looks, the series revolves around the NYPD’s dedicated unit, i.e., an organized crime led by Elliot Stabler.

The first season of the spin-off series is almost done. The season finale will hit the network later this week. In the meantime, Meloni took time off the schedule and thanked the crew and cast for the hard work they’ve put in so far.

law and order s2

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Cast’s Return

Other than Christopher Meloni, the series also feature Tamara Yaylot, Mone Truitt, Dylan McDermott, Ainsley Seiger in lead and pivotal roles. There is no change in showrunners such as Terry Miller, Ilene Chaiken, Arthur W. Forney, Fred Berner, & Peter Jankowski.

The spin-off series was the brainchild of Dick Wolf, who was associated with the original show. According to Chaiken, the season finale of the first season will be setting up the second season. The insiders speculate that the first season will end with a massive cliffhanger.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season Finale

law and order s2

The finale will showcase a faceoff between McDermott, who plays the mafia boss in the series, and Meloni’s Dect. Elliot Stabler. As the climax approaches, the series would pack more adventure and precedence for the potential future.

The lead actor Meloni has revealed that there will be a couple of interactions between the mafia boss and detective. There is a highly likely chance that both characters will avail the short end of the entire scenario.

The questions asked by thousands of hundreds of fans will be answered in the episode that will air this week. The renewal has ensured that the sage of organized crime will continue grandly in days to come.


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