Latest Updates On Iggy Frome Leaving Cast Of New Amsterdam

Is Tyler Labine leaving? New Amsterdam and his character of Iggy Frome after Tuesday night’s new episode? The show Surely wanted you to worry.

Since the end of last season, Iggy has shied away from seeing patients who have suffered some of his own trauma. He feels like he’s not ready yet, and if he got back into sessions, he’d only hurt people instead of helping them. He loved his patients and that’s what made this whole situation so complicated. It was never about totally resisting the idea of ​​doing a particular job. He was just trying to think about what was good for the people he had to care for week after week.

Latest Updates On Iggy Frome Leaving Cast Of New Amsterdam

Unfortunately for him, during tonight’s episode, he began to feel increasing pressure to see patients immediately; this is a source of money for the hospital and if there’s one thing we can do about dr. Fuentes know, then it’s that she cares deeply about profit. Even when she claims to be helpful or altruistic (take with Dr. Sharpe, for example), she often has some sort of ulterior motive.

At about two-thirds into this episode, it was clear that Iggy was ready to step down. He and his husband would find a way to get ahead even without that job, even if it meant going elsewhere. But from now on, he hasn’t stopped: he tried to see a new patient, but his heart was clearly not in it.

Do we think Iggy is really going?

We doubt it, at least for now. He’s such an important part of the show and we tend to envision him making his way through this in due course. He just needs space and good support to heal.


One of the things we love about this whole storyline is that it takes something that so few other shows discuss: the idea that therapists and psychiatrists can just constantly take on everyone’s pain.

Were you afraid that Tyler Labine would leave? New Amsterdam, and his character of Iggy, tonight?

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