Laser Tag Strategies To Score Win Streaks 

Birthday parties, corporate events, and team-building activities are the best times to settle the score among your friends and prove your power through a winning streak. But the typical party activities can get pretty dull if you have attended several parties to set a world record for your musical chair wins. 

Regardless of the event that you are trying to organize, you want to ensure that everyone has their share of fun and that ultimately, a clear winner reigns at the end. To bring your favourite point-and-shoot battle royales to life, consider hosting a laser tag party for your next group event or hangout session. Here are some things that can help you get ahead in your strategy and preparations. 

Know The Map By Heart 

Understanding your surroundings is almost equal to victory because terrain advantage will help you make smarter decisions. First-timers may find it a little tricky, but with enough experience, you will be able to map out the critical points of your laser tag arena. Choose an exciting location for the most thrilling experience. Medieval-style stages come with bosses, towers, cathedrals, and planning rooms so you can bring your beloved RPG experience to life. 

Draft a map during your first run to keep track of boobie traps, obstacles, and optimal sniping points. If you play a team game, assign a quadrant for each member to master so that you have every corner covered. Your enemies will stand no chance against your tactical genius. 

Stagnant Objects Are First To Lose 

If you have racked up hours on Fortnight, then you know that movement is the first step to victory. The longer you stay in a particular area, no matter how secluded, the quicker opponents can get to you. Slow people are easy targets at a laser tag party because the lights are dim. Moreover, the immobile neon light of your weapon sends a signal flare to players waiting for an easy shot. 

Maintain constant movement by running, rolling, and jumping around. That way, you will be harder to hit, and the momentum will keep your senses alert. If you need a catch a breath, find a hiding spot that is optimum for sniping. 

Aim For Bosses 

While laser tagging is essentially a real-life PVP game, there are PVE opportunities that you can grab for an extra surge of points. Aim for base targets and the final boss to make the terrain more comfortable to maneuver. Depending on your laser tag party venue and playing limits, the challenge to take down non-player enemies happens on either the first or last half of the battle. The most important thing is to make a move before the opposing team to prevent them from scoring too many points. 

Wear Appropriate Armor 

The key to your laser tag party preparations is to beat your opponents in the game of comfort. Wear clothing that you can quickly move around in, such as activewear. Dark colours will help you camouflage with the dark and avoid being illuminated by the laser’s neon lights. Avoid anything that will restrict your movements and will make you feel uncomfortable. Remember, speed is vital in any laser tag battle — so ensure that nothing weighs you down! 

Laser tag parties will strengthen friendships, improve your tactical skills, and offers a simple way of settling scores with your fellow players. Unlock battle achievements for bragging rights and to feel a sense of accomplishment. You and your friends will have a blast amid neon lights and thrilling arena maps. 


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