Ladachi Mi Lek Ga New Serial : Start Date, Cast, Promo and Story | Zee Marathi 2020

Ladachi Mi Lek Ga is a new show that will feature on the Zee Television Network’s Zee Marathi channel. Ladachi Mi Lek Ga is revealed to be a daily soap in the Marathi language that will telecast on the regional channel of Zee Marathi. In this article, we uncover the Cast, Date of Premier, Story, among others before the daily soap airs on the respective channel.

For quite some time now, Zee Marathi has been providing many groundbreaking and famous TV Shows. Ladachi Mi Lek Ga is yet another feather to Zee Marathi’s Cap will is all set to feature in the channel soon. At the time of writing, the promo of the TV Show is already out and the show will begin airing this September.

Ladachi Mi Lek Ga Cast

The show will feature two female leads among who the entire premise will revolve. According to the announcement, Mitali Mayekar, the popular Marathi actor will be one of the female leads in the show.

Ladachi Mi Lek Ga New Serial : Start Date, Cast, Promo and Story | Zee Marathi 2020

By the looks of it, Mitali Mayekar is a household name in the regional Marathi’s industry. The actress has also featured in several famous Marathi films as well.

The other female lead, Smita Tambe is also a popular actor in the industry. Smita Tambe has not only worked in Marathi films and industry rather with Hindi films as well.

Ladachi Mi Lek Ga Start Date

The show will begin telecasting on Zee Marathi from the 14th of September 2020. Ladachi Mi Lek Ga will air at 7 PM from Monday to Saturday.

Ladachi Mi Lek Ga Plot

Now, the story of Ladachi Mi Lek Ga is not yet out. However, the viewers can indulge in the show’s already released promo.

Sujeeth Kalyan
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