Kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum OTT Release Date, Platforms & More

Kuttiyappanum Daivadootharum is one of those movies that beautifully narrates a normal occurrence. This feel-good Malayalam movie was released in theaters on Jan 3, 2020, to a good reception compared to films of this genre. There is exciting news for this movie, as there has been news of an OTT platform release.

Director Gokul Hariharan created an elegant piece of work with the movie. The story revolves around an autorickshaw driver and the connection he supposedly has with one of his passengers. The movie features lead characters such as Arun Gopan, Lal Jose, Aristo Suresh, and Dhanil Krishna.

Kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum

Kuttiyappanum Daivadootharum OTT Release Date

With the ongoing pandemic situations, many people are left with few options when it comes to entertainment. So one can say there is no better time for OTT platforms to up their game.

According to recent reports, Kuttiyappanum Daivadootharum has officially been slated to feature a direct OTT release on May 14, 2021.

Kuttiyappanum Daivadootharum OTT Platform

The movie has been taken up by upcoming OTT platforms such as High Hopes Entertainments and First shows. The film will be available to watch on OTT streamers worldwide from May 14 onwards.

For those who haven’t had a chance to catch the movies in theaters, this would be a splendid opportunity to capture ‘Kuttiyappanum Daivadootharum’ on screens near you.


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