Kingdom Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Plot and other Filming Details

Kingdom, the South Korean zombie series, has been massively popular with viewers. First released in 2019, the second season garnered more watchers as it aired worldwide dealing with COVID-19.

With the second season’s finale leaving the viewers with a cliffhanger, Season 3 for the show is much anticipated. Are you looking for more details on Kingdom Season 3? Here’s all that we know!

Kingdom Season 1 and Season 2: Plot (Spoilers Ahead)

The series was adapted from a graphic novel,The Kingdom of the Gods. The original Netflix series’ first season showcased many intertwining stories. The story follows what happened after the dying King is fed a seed from the resurrection plant. The Crown Prince was sent away. However, when the Crown Prince sees the world, he sees how the zombies have been attacking people and the infection is spreading. The first season, too, ended with a cliffhanger. Seobi, in the series, finds a resurrection plant in the Frozen Valley and sees hordes of zombies emerge.

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 sheds some clarity on how the zombies were created. The Crown Prince tries to understand the origins of the zombies. The rapidly spreading plague is linked to plant seeds’ resurrection, the flowers of which have a parasite. Following many zombies’ death due to falling ice, the Queen gives birth to another son, the rightful heir.

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Season 2 is a fast-paced revelation of the queen’s thoughts, the zombies, and what could be expected the following season. The seven-year time jump reveals that the Crown Prince investigated an empty village. He finds a woman, Ashin, who keeps the undead in wooden boxes.

The Kingdom: Will there be a Season 3?

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

The Netflix horror series hit home for viewers thanks to the zombie outbreak’s resemblance to the ongoing pandemic. That said, season 2, much like season 1, left the viewers with many questions.

Season 3 is a possibility, as there’s so much that we still need answers. However, Netflix has not “officially” ordered The Kingdom for another renewal. Given the sequence of the series, it could take a year to produce.

We’d have to be patient with Netflix and The Kingdom (fingers crossed) in any circumstance.

The Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 could be possible in 2021 only if the production is already underway. However, there haven’t been any official reports as of now. Netflix has been silent on the series.

As things look, we could probably get the next installment sometime in 2022.

The Kingdom Season 3: Plot Details

At the core of the story, The Kingdom is about succession and the throne. With themes and elements of plague, the greater good, and hunger, the series has much to offer.

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That said, the third installment would most likely speak about the origins of the undead. Interestingly, Ashin, the woman with caged zombies, would have some colors to add to these zombies’ grim reality.

In all honesty, Ashin’s story arc could change what we know of the world in The Kingdom. We’ll have to wait and see.

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