Kim’s Convenience Season 5: Netflix Release Date, Cast and Much More

Is Kim’s Convenience Season 5 Netflix premiere date officially revealed? Here are the latest updates for all the Netflix lovers.

Netflix is famous for its out-of-the-box shows that amaze the audience with all the elements of fun, excitement, emotion, and adventure. Kim’s Convenience is one of those top Canadian sitcoms that garnered a tremendous audience response.

The blockbuster comedy-drama Netflix show revolves around a Korean-Canadian Kim family, who run a convenience shop in Toronto. With four exciting seasons on Netflix, the show is a big hit. Recently, the fourth season of Kim’s Convenience landed on Netflix. And now it’s time to shut down the shop with the show’s fifth and final season.

The fifth season of Kim’s Convenience hit the popular Canadian network, CBC, earlier this year. But, the fifth installment is still not available on Netflix. So, when can we expect the new episodes of the series on the Streaming King, Netflix? Here are all details.

Kim's Convenience Season 5

Kim’s Convenience Season 5 Netflix Release Date

The fourth season of Kim’s Convenience dropped on Netflix in April 2020, after the season was launched on the CBC network. Therefore, it seems we are only a few inches away from the show. As per the official news, Netflix has announced that Kim’s Convenience will return with its fifth and final season on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. So, let wait a bit more to enjoy a comedy-packed ride once again.

Will season 5 be the last season of Kim’s Convenience?

Unfortunately, yes, the fifth installment of the show will be its climax season. Initially, the show was officially renewed for seasons 5 and 6. But later, the makers decided to title the fifth season as the series finale and move on to other projects. Although it’s pretty heartbreaking news for fans, some adventures are coming on Netflix shortly.

So make sure to stay tuned to get updates on all upcoming blockbusters.


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