Killing Eve Season 4 Likely To Be The Final Release Leaving Fans Disappointed

For everyone out there who doesn’t know, Killing Eve season 4 is going to be the final one. Pretty upsetting to think about, right? Yet, it’s at least nice to know this in advance, even though we’re going to be waiting a good while in order to see it.

Production on the remaining episodes has been underway for a little while now — like most shows over the past year and a half, though, there were some substantial delays due to the global health crisis. The process of filming Killing Eve in particular is more difficult than most other shows, largely due to the fact that there are so many elaborate locations and crowded scenes routinely done. We also don’t have any sense as of yet that the writers are incorporating the pandemic in any form.

Killing Eve Season 4 Likely To Be The Final Release Leaving Fans Disappointed

In a post on Twitter below, the show makes a cheeky remark about “patience,” one that is obviously a nod to all the fans out there wanting for someone to immediately give them an update about when new episodes are coming out. Alas, you’re probably not getting that announcement this year; we think AMC/BBC America will practice some patience themselves and take their time to announce a premiere date and roll out some teases as to what’s coming. This is one of those shows that we should all want to be as perfect as possible — after all, it’s incredibly complicated and meticulous!

Story-wise, there is so much to have hope for, especially since season 3 ended with Eve and Villanelle recognizing further how much they need each other. The metaphorical light shined down on two of them, but what will the lasting impact be?

What do you most want to see when it comes to Killing Eve season 4?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! After doing that, remember to stick around — there are more updates coming and we don’t want you missing them.


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