Kerala IAS officer Sriram got Charged with Non-Bailable offence in drunk driving case

IAS Officer Sriram Venkataraman from Kerala got arrested for the death of a journalist named K. M. Basheer. He is charged with a non-bailable offense. He was charged only after the confirmation that Sreeram was the one who was driving the car while the incident occurred. It was reported by a woman who was his co-passenger then.

Police had recorded the secret testimony of Wafa Firoz, a woman who was in the car with Sriram. State Police Chief Lok Nath Behra has directed the Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner to file a non-bailable offence against Sriram.

Kerala IAS officer Sriram got Charged with Non-Bailable offence in drunk driving case

Sriram Venkitaraman is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. The FIR prepared by the police after the accident did not include Sriram’s name. The FIR does not specify who was in the driving seat. He is now in a private hospital. The injuries of Sreeram are not fatal at all. After the arrest, he will be transferred to the Trivandrum Govt. Medical College. Indian IPC Section 304 will be charged. If it is proven that he was drunk, IPC Section 185, will also be charged.

Many other eyewitnesses have already come confirming Sreeram was the one driving the vehicle in the time of the accident. An eyewitness Jithu claimed that Sreeram even tried to force Basheer who fell on road after the accident on his(Jithu’s) bike which was totally irresponsible move. Two Auto Taxi Drivers also reported that a guy was driving the vehicle.

If he gets listed in FIR, Sreeram who is the Director of Survey and Land records right now will be suspended from his post. He will be charged with three-year imprisonment. He was given the role of Director of Survey and Land Records only by the last Cabinet Meeting. He had many additional roles including Project Director of Kerala Land Information Mission, Housing Commissioner and Kerala State Housing Board Secretary.


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