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This is the best month for Kannada movie enthusiasts. Today the long-awaited movie Kempegowda 2 with a lot of special elements will hit the theatres. This movie is releasing with other big-budget movies releasing tomorrow.

Today is very special for Karnataka as today is Varamahalakshmi Festival Day. “Kempegowda 2 is my dream movie. I am hoping that my look and luck will change with this movie.” Actor Komal Kumar who is known for his witty talk has said. “For four years I have not only poured sweat for this film but also poured blood on some occasions.”

Kempegowda 2

Name Of The MovieKempegowda 2
Star CastKomal Kumar, Sreeshanth, Loose Mada Yogi, Rishika Sharma
Movie GenreAction, Drama
DirectorShankar Gowda
Music DirectorVarun Unni
DOPRosh Mohan - Karthik
ProducerA Vinodh
Production CompanyPanchamukhi Hanuman Cineproduction
Movie Runtime2 hrs 19 mins
Censor CategoryU/A
Releasing on2 hrs 19 mins

He is very confident in the content of the movie. He encourages the audience to criticize him if the movie is unsatisfactory and to appreciate if felt otherwise. The movie Kempagowda 2 is very different from Kempagowda. It is a remake of the movie Singam. Yet the style of action of Sudeep sets a very fresh model. The cast and crew are collectively confident and honored to face the Audience.

The moviemakers assure that it won’t be a hero buildup one. The villain in this movie has a very iconic powerful and relatable character arc. This gives the villain role more scope and thus making the hero also more graced. The famous Malayali Indian Cricketer Sreesanth plays this noticeable antagonist role.

Another specialty is the richness of the supporting cast. It is equipped with the most talented actors from languages such as Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Marathi. The cast and crew include Yatin Kanekar (Bollywood), Sreesanth (cricketer, Malayalam), Ali (Telugu), Nagababu (Telugu), Rakshaka Sharma (Rajasthan), Varun Unni (Malayalam Music Director), etc.

Kempegowda 2 Movie Review

Given the fact that this movie had the luxury of deploying an amazing star cast, it did reasonably well to add that extra punch of much-needed masala. Though the plot is seen so many times in movies, this film comes out as a little bit different.

Komal Kumar can be seen playing the role of the super cop, and he did phenomenally well to justify his presence. The presence of Sreesanth works as a cheery on top of the cake, and makes this film even more alluring for the viewers.

The movie will be talking about the recent events of Karnataka Politics thus the movie will be very relevant at this time. The movie is packed with great songs, storyline, memorable dialogues, scenes, etc. The film is set in the backdrop of different locations such as Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Bangalore, Mysore, Russia, Mahabalipuram.

The only visible drawback one can take from the film is that it’s a remake, so the audience is already aware of the plot, there won’t be any suspense. The fact that it is big-budget multi-starrer film makes this film a feast for the viewers to enjoy.

Rating: 2.75/5

In case you didn’t check out the Trailer of the movie, you can watch it here:

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