Zubeen Garg’s KANCHANJANGHA Trailer Released : Release Date, Plot, Cast

Kanchanjangha Teaser was released a month ago and its well-awaited trailer is here. The  Assamese film trailer features the protagonist(Zubeen Garg) facing troubles from some Political/Gang Leader and gets frustrated by the system and gets spiritual. Then he goes on to get revenge or kill the antagonist with his pet dog on his side. The pet dog in the movie is apparently the actor Zubeen’s real live pet dog named Siang.

The film challenges the status-quo and talks about the existing problems at hand, makes it an interesting project altogether. Assam is a land of great culture, music and Zubeen Garg is a master at his art. People are excited about this long-awaited movie. Fans are comparing this film as Mon Jai Part two. As Zubeen Garg mentioned in an interview, the main theme of both Mon Jai and Kanchanjangha is the same, but Kanchanjangha’s storyline is slightly different and it will be something new for the viewers

Zubeen Garg is famously known to deep-dive into contemporary socio-political issues and he impresses in how sensitively he is able to present them to the public. His films are known to not only offer a perspective but also to make people think and question the real issues at hand.

Kanchanjangha Release Date:

Kanchanjangha is going to be released on 6th September this year. It was originally planned to be released on 8th September 2019 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of singer Dr. Bhupen Hazarika but later changed to the 6th of the same month for unknown reasons.

The cast of Kanchanjangha:

Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg plays the main role, Pabitra Ramha, Sasanka Samir and Dhritiman Phukan play major roles in Kanchanjangha. Zubeen Garg is not only the main actor but he is also the director and co-producer of Kanchanjangha. Cinematography is done by Suman Duwerah and Pradip Daimari.

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