Josiah And Julia Tell All On Dealing With Nightmare Guests On Below Deck Galley Talk

Josiah And Julia Tell All On Dealing With Nightmare Guests On Below Deck Galley Talk

Longtime viewers of “Below Deck” and its spinoff “Below Deck Mediterranean” know that beyond these shows’ perpetual boatmances and interpersonal crew shenanigans, it’s the eccentricities, dietary proclivities, and sometimes outright loutish behavior of the moneyed charter guests that fuel the watchability. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones watching nowadays. For “Below Deck Galley Talk,” Bravo brought back fan-favorite veterans of previous seasons to watch and comment on everything happening with the current show, and for co-hosts Julia d’Albert Pusey and Josiah Carter, it puts their experiences onboard in perspective. “I think now I’m a bit older, I would speak my mind a little bit if I felt a bit disrespected,” Pusey told Nicki Swift.

Carter agreed. “Sometimes the way that people treat you is obviously not the nicest in the world, and it’s what we’re used to. And it shouldn’t be what we’re used to,” he shared. “So, I think I would probably change, potentially, pulling a guest aside and saying, ‘Look, maybe let’s not speak to people like that.’ Or, ‘Let’s not treat people like that, because if we treat people in a much nicer fashion, we are more likely to do much more things for you.'”

“I would much rather do the bare minimum for someone that’s not treating me very well,” Carter continued. “If they’re treating me nicely, I’d rather go over, above, and beyond for them. So yeah, I think speaking up a little bit more and speaking your mind a little bit more would be definitely one to keep in the mind.”


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