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Jordar Sujatha Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant | Wiki, Age, Family, Biography, Career, Personal Life, Images

Jordar Sujatha, one of the new contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. You might be here wondering who is she and what she does. To clear all your doubts, we came with full information and biography of Jordar Sujatha. Read on.

You might have seen her on TV sometimes. She is a host of the satire show called Jordar News. She is a TV anchor and show host.

TV Host On Johar News 

She is widely known for her satire show on HMTV called Johar News where she plays a character called Jordar Sujatha. It is a show where news is shown with a satirical twist to it. Shows like these are widely watched among the masses which makes them popular over time.

Nick NameJordar Sujatha
AgeYet to be known.
ProfessionTV Anchor, Show Host
Years Active - Present
LocalityYet to be known.
Relationship StatusYet to be known.
Instagram Profile https://www.instagram.com/jordarsujatha/

Jordar Sujatha Images 

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