Jojo Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean Anticipation, Release date and Cast, Broadcast

All the yearnings, longings, and cravings for the return of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series seem to have culminated and galvanized in a way that, alas, the sixth part after an eon is coming.


The Manga freaks and weebs might also forgive you, though it is a grave sin in the world of these comics if you seem to think that something’s not right with Za Warudos; someone out there has got a little loose with it.

Along with the breaking and thunder news of Jojo Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean part 6 coming up, a motion teaser trailer has been released, too, a relief for the fans out there as they have been impatiently waiting for it.

Whether you lost track of this funky anime series with the Diamond being unbreakable or you have been an avid follower and a loyal fan, it’s stuff that you don’t want to miss, and honestly, once you start watching, you can’t.

Jojo Bizarre Adventure Part 6

Release and Cast:

Japan, the heaven of bizarre animes and the birthplace of the same, has been anticipating the release for quite a long time now; the series anime is an audiovisual depiction/adaptation of a popular manga series of the same name. The sixth season would be released along with Demon Slayer, Season 2, an equally worthy opponent.

There hasn’t been a confirmation of the release date yet, but the release is expected soon. The fifth season was a significant success, leaving us with Golden Wind, which gave us insight into understanding the entire theme of what can be anticipated from the other seasons to come.


Golden Wind, the preceding season released immediately after it was announced on 21 June 2018. It aired on Crunchyroll during the fall of 2018 season of animes. We may not be as lucky this time cause of the whole pandemic after-effects on the entertainment industry.

However, fans shall not get disappointed as it has been informed that either it will be a 2022 release, more expectedly, or may have a mid-2021 release as a part of the fall 2021 lineup.


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