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JCP Associate Kiosk Login: JCPenney Company, Incorporation is a mid-size scale American firm, a department store-styled supplier of goods with a chain of 689 locations worldwide, with 49 in the US and Puerto Rico. They have expertise in merchandise and fine jewelry departments. Ranging over various categorized comfort products and merch, they have set up specific efficiency systems.

Sign Up For JCPenney Associate Kiosk

  1. The username requires nine digits, so it is better, to begin with zeroes.
  2. The username is necessarily your employee identification number and is to be preceded by zeroes.
  3. The password requires 11 characters, with the initials JCP ( uppercase ), succeeded by your month and year of birth ( both two digits ). The last four digits should be your social security number, chronologically.
JCP Associate Kiosk Login
JCP Associate Kiosk Login

How To Login For JCPenney Associate Kiosk

  1. It would help to have high and robust internet connectivity to ensure safety and security.
  2. Visit the official page of JCPenney Associate Kiosk, i.e.,, the official home page of the Jtime Website, on your PC, Laptop, or Android.
  3. There must be a borderline red option stating ‘Active Associate Menu,’ among the options, click “Associate Kiosk @ Home.”
  4. Enter your JCPenney username, employee identification number, or alphanumeric code, whatever the case. Then enter your password correctly and click the login button.

Once the signup and login have been entered, you can access your employee account, previewing your work schedule table, time off taken, discounts given, download time off, and W2 tax forms.

JCP Associate Kiosk Login
JCP Associate Kiosk Login

How To Reset JCPenney Associate Kiosk Password

  1. If you forgot your password, an alternative way to log in is by clicking on the ‘ I want to change my password or reset my password option on the left side of the login button.
  2. Then you need to enter your employee id and ‘search’ it by clicking on it.
  3. If you forgot your employee identification, dial customer care at 1-900-879-1111.
  4. You must set up a security question; the same query is posed to you after step 1. You could call customer care service if you didn’t set up any during registration.
  5. Please review the terms and conditions, click I Agree, and tap to continue.
  6. Then it would help if you had to enter your new password; after that, click o the change password option.
  7. Verify it yourselves by going to the JCPenney official website and logging in with your username and new password.

JCPenney Employee Benefits And Perks

Being a dedicated employee deserves rewards in some form or the other. The company is well equipped with research and development and would limit its loyal employees. Some benefits guaranteed to the employees are time off, healthcare costing around 401 k savings plan, associate discounts, commuter, and other primary lavish perks. By choosing them, additional benefits can be availed too, without extra cost.

JCP Associate Kiosk Login
JCP Associate Kiosk Login

To avail of these perks, one is supposed to get themself enrolled into the Associate within 30 days of being hired because core benefits are available to those only who can call themselves registered within the deadline, as is mentioned in the PowerLine enrollment letter dispatched. Let’s take a detailed look at these benefits:

1. 401 K Savings Plan

Prudence is the key to ensuring a secure and comfortable future, and JCPenney Kiosk Associates provides the same for its eligible employees and gets them enrolled.

Any person above or above 21 is eligible to opt for the 401 k savings scheme; it is straightforward to opt for the same; you must register for the plan by logging in to PowerLine and clicking the start saving option.

JCP clarifies that one can save 1-50% of their salary as their savings for the benefit. Three ways contribution can be made:

  • a. Before Tax
  • b. Roth
  • c. After-Tax

The amount will automatically be deducted from your paycheck once you click the start saving option. You even have the opportunity to change the percentage of savings to be removed from the salary.

2. JCPenney Kiosk Associate Discount Programme For Employees

To avail of discounts from the JCP Associate, one has to activate the JCPenney Associate Discount Card. The process is simple and can be processed quickly, following the given instructions-

How To Activate Employee’s JCPenney Kiosk Associate Discount Card-

a. Once you have received the card, log in to your JCP associate employee account through Associate Kiosk at home.

b. Click on the main menu button and go for the self-service option.

c. There, you will find the Discount Activation button; avail of it

d. It requires you to fill in some required information, and once you finish, your JCP associate discount card activates.

The discount available for the employees is the fee of any costs, and one’s family can avail them at any JCP associate store. The rebate, however, depends on your method of payment.

The credit card offers a 25% rebate on merchandise and 10% on significant appliances; the JCP Debit card gives a 20% rebate on inventory and a 5% rebate on major appliances; you can even avail of additional benefit discount cards for your family.

Contact Details and Customer Care Helpline

If you forgot your employee identification, dial customer care at 1-900-879-1111. Likewise, if you have queries regarding the employee benefits portion, you can reach out to customer care @ 1-888-890-8900.

The helpline is at your service from 8 am to 8 pm five days a week, Saturday and Sunday. If you require the W-2 support aid, the support center can be contacted @ 1-800-567-9248. A maximum of 7 years of re-issue of W-2 Support can be requested.


With many big-size firms adopting employee self-service models and eliminating HR Services, JCP has developed an efficient system to do so too. You can access all the required, mandatory information through the JCP Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Receipt of a paycheck with wrong deductions?

A: contact the JCP help center @ 1-888-890-8900.

  • Unable to access some systems on the portal after leaving for absence?

A: you can amend it by resetting your password; if not, contact your store leadership.

  • Wasn’t on LOA yet cannot access the Associate Kiosk?

A: Contact the home office associate @ 972-431-6900 or JCP shared services @ 1-800-879-111.


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