Jathi Ratnalu actress Faria Abdullah is the new sensation; getting new offers

Telugu language comedy-drama “Jathi Ratnalu” has been a perfect remedy for the pandemic blues. Every dialogue leads to laughs, and every joke almost always lands. The film, released on March 11, 2021, was well received by the critics who termed it as a madcap comedy that is too silly but lazy. The audience has well related to the authentic, rooted humor.

The comic timing of Polishetty, Priyadarshi, and Ramakrishna was acknowledged, but there is someone else who is receiving a lot of attention after the film. It’s none other than the heroine of the film Faria Abdullah who played Shamili “Chitti.”

jathi ratnalu faria abdullah

The new Sensation: Faria Abdullah

The cute looks and the Chitti song have created so much frenzy around that the fans are going crazy for the actress, and she is on cloud nine. She told in an interview that she is still in euphoria, and it’s pretty tricky for her to sink in the immense love and appreciation she is receiving. She had been a theatre artist where she learned acting, networking as well as social skills. Now when she is receiving appreciation even for her roles in commercial films, she is all ready to go a long way while staying true to her routes.

Given tor popularity, She has been roped in to play the female lead in Ravi Teja’s 68th film, which Trinadha Rao Nakkina will direct.

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Devisha Pareek
Devisha Pareek
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