Jathi Ratnalu 2: Laugh Riot Jathi Ratnalu Sequel is Happening!

The comedy film Jathi Ratnalu is winning the hearts of Telugu film sweethearts. Even though the film was made on a tiny budget, it has turned out a money-spinner in the cinematic world. Jathi Ratnalu is accounted for as probably the most significant hit in Telugu film this year. The film was made on a careful spending plan of Rs 4 crores, and it gathered Rs 40 crores in its last run.

Is there a sequel to Jathi Ratnalu?

The Jathi Ratnalu had arranged a spectacular success meet, where creator Anudeep KV implied that the sequel of Jathi Ratnalu, likely named Jathi Ratnalu 2.

jathi ratnalu

The director confirmed that the film would have a continuation and the declaration will be made soon. Curiously, the producers will be starting their work on the scripts of the sequel.

What will be happening in the Sequel?

The film portrayed the narrative of three young people of Jogipet, who move to Hyderabad and the remainder of the film is about the fun produced around the adolescents. The movie’s director Anudeep KV uncovered that he would produce the sequel soon. According to the update, we hear the spin-off is set in the USA, and it portrays the narrative of these three youths in the scenery of the USA. The whole recording would be done in the USA.

Who will be playing roles in the sequel?

The film has a solid cast. It highlights Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna in lead jobs, while Murali Sharma, Brahmanandam, and Naresh show up supporting roles.


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