Janmashtami 2019 | Wishes, Quotes, Images, WhatsApp Status

Janmashtami is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. It signifies the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a two days festival celebrated in different styles in different parts of India.

Janmashtami 2019 | Wishes, Quotes, Images, WhatsApp Status

Significance of Janmashtami for the people of India

During childhood, everybody must have watched cartoons based on Lord Krishna, which depicts the whole journey of Lord Krishna from his birth to killing Kansa. Lord Krishna was born in the prison during midnight. As soon as he was born his father Vasudev gave him to his friend Nanda to nurture him and save him from the clutches of Kansa. Kansa was the evil-minded uncle of Lord Krishna who has imprisoned his own sister. However, Vasudev was successful in saving Krishna from the evil clutches of Kansa. He was born in Mathura, during August.
Lord Krishna grew up to be stronger and was able to kill Kansa and save his real parents from him. This is the reason Janamasthi is one of the major festivals celebrated in eating. It signifies the victory of good over evil.
From the cartoon, we were able to notice that Krishna had a dark complexion, and was fond of eating Makhan(Butter). Due to his fondness, he was habitual of stealing it. His habit of stealing gave him a name Makhan Chor (one who steals butter). He had a great affection with Radha, and he was adored by the women of his village.

Janmashtami 2019 | Wishes, Quotes, Images, WhatsApp Status

Celebration of Janmashtami

Janamasthi is a two-day festival and is celebrated at midnight because Lord Krishna was born in the dark. People celebrate their houses, and various skits and dramas are performed in the temple to narrate the birth of Lord Krishna.
In some cities, a sport called ‘Handi food'( also known as Matki food) is also played.

In this sport, an earthen pot (Matki) is hanged at a height and a group of people has to break it by climbing on one another. The team has to break the Matki within the given time and there are other teams too, to prevent them from breaking the Matki.

Janmashtami 2019 Ceremony Timings

SunriseAugust 24, 2019 6:09 AM
SunsetAugust 24, 2019 6:48 PM
Nishita Kaal BeginsAugust 25, 2019 12:06 AM
Nishita Kaal EndsAugust 25, 2019 12:52 AM
Ashtami Tithi BeginsAugust 23, 2019 8:09 AM
Ashtami Tithi EndsAugust 24, 2019 8:32 AM
Rohini Nakshatra BeginsAugust 24, 2019 3:47 AM
Rohini Nakshatra EndsAugust 25, 2019 4:16 AM
Parana TimeAugust 25, 2019 6:10 AM

Janmashtami 2019 Images | WhatsApp Status, Wishes, Profile Pictures

Janmashtami Quotes & Wishes

May you and your family be showered with love, peace, and prosperity this Janmashtami. Wishing everyone Happy Janmashtami!

May Lord Krishna always shower his blessings on you, and may every year Janmashtami bring lots of happiness for you and your family. Happy Janmashtami.

Maakhan Chor Nandkishor Kaanha Ke Janmdin Ki Apni Shaan,
Sab Ke Pyaare Krishna Dulaare Hain Hum Sabke Praan!
Jai Sri Krishna!

May Lord Krishna always shower happiness, love, prosperity, and peace on you and your family. Happy Janmashtami!

May you celebrate this Janmashtami with lots of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. Happy Janmashtami to you and your family!

May Lord Krishna give you the best of health, fulfill all your wishes and bless you with love, happiness, and laughter. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Janmashtami!

May the divine tines of Krishna’s flute fill your life with eternal joy. Happy Janmashtami!

May the blessings of Lord Krishna always be with you and your family. Happy Janmashtami!

On this Janmashtami, may Lord Krishna fill your home with lots of happiness and joy. Happy Janmashtami to you and your loved ones!

On this Janmashtami, may Lord Krishna come to your house crawling on his little toes and take away all your worries and sorrows and bless you and your family. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!

May Murli Manohar continue to shower health and happiness on your family, and may you always remain in his list of favorites. Happy Janmashtami!

Let there be love, happiness, and laughter in your life with Lord Krishna’s blessings. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Janmashtami!

Celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna who enchants everyone with his playful mischiefs. Have a happy and blessed Krishna Janmashtami!

May the flute of Lord Krishna guide your path towards and accomplished and fulfilled life and invite the melody of love into your life. Wishing everyone Happy Janmashtami.

May the natkhat nand lal always give you happiness, health, and prosperity and may you find peace in Krishna consciousness. Happy Janmashtami.

Our soul is immortal. Even after our death, our soul lives, it just changes bodies.

One should not get caught in the web of desires. A desire sometimes triggers one to perform an unkind action, so it’s best to witness the world dispassionately. Desires would simply come and go.

One has the right to work, but never to the fruits of work. One should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should one long for inaction. When one’s mind dwells on the objects of senses, fondness for them grows, from fondness comes desire, from desire anger.

Anger leads to bewilderment, bewilderment to loss of memory of true self, and by that, intelligence is destroyed, and with the destruction of intelligence, one perishes.

What belongs to you today, belonged to someone yesterday and will be someone else’s tomorrow.

Krishna jiska naam hai,
Gokul jiska dhaam hai,
Aise bhagvan ko hum sab ka pranam hai,
Krishna Janmashtami ki hardik shubhkaanayein..

May Krishna’s tunes fill your life with eternal joy. Happy Janmashtami!

Yashoda Ke Nandlaal, Hamare Rakhpal,
Hum Bhulanhaar, Wo Paalanhaar…
Hare Krishna!

Happy Krishna Janmashtami To All!

May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtami and give you all the love, peace and happiness. Happy Janmashtami to all.

Gokul me jo kare niwas, Gopiyo sang jo rachye raas, Devki-Yashoda jinki maiya, Aise hai hamare kishan kanhaiya. Jai Shree Krishna!

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