Janasena chief and Vakeel Saab actor Pawan Kalyan is in self quarantine

Actor and politician Pawan Kalyan is in quarantine as preventive measures suggested by the doctor as a few personal staff of Pawan tested covid positive recently. He was advised to stay in Home quarantine in a peaceful environment.

How does he manage his work during the quarantine period?

Pawan Kalyan is quick reactive, and cooperative with his medical team. Though he is in quarantine, he continues interaction with his Political party ‘Janasena’ virtually through video conferencing and telecommunication as he is super active in his political work and industrial work.

Pawan Kalyan’s quarantine life:

Some pictures of Pawan Kalyan’s during quarantine time revealed that he is busy taking care of plants. He spends his time reading books, some Telegu novels, non-fiction books. Not only that, some say that he spends his days sketching. He has also mentioned trying some new things.

pawan kalyan quarantine

Effect on his professional works:

The superstar has postponed his ongoing projects, such as shooting. However, his latest film Vakkel Saab is running in theatre with expected Box office collections.

Tomorrow Pawan Kalyan will attend a public meeting with Bjp national president JP Nadda at Naidupeta. But now, the circumstances make doubt on Pawan Kalyan’s presence at the same meeting.

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