ISRO Releases First Set Of Pics Captured By Chandrayaan 2

22nd of July, this date will be written in bold italics in the history of India. India became the first country to successfully initiate a lunar mission on the yet undiscovered region of the moon.

Chandrayaan 2 is a 3850-kilogram weighing, three-module spacecraft. The objective of this mission is to look for the type of minerals that are found on the surface of the moon, and to check the ever so controversial presence of water on the moon.

This achievement will create an opening for the scientists to discover the yet undiscovered, which will surely benefit the human race as a whole.

For the very first time in the history of humanity, a camera took images of Earth from that region. Indian Space Research Organization on Sunday revealed a set of images that were captured by the Chandrayaan 2.

Details of the first set of images:

The images were captured with the LI4 camera which was boarded on Vikram which is the lander, which took the images of the earth on its route to the moon. The images are of high resolution and are crystal clear considering the distance from which they are captured.

isro chandrayan 2 pics

Just to clarify the fact that the pictures are of how Earth looks from the moon, and not of the surface of the moon. ISRO clearly captioned the images as “How Earth looks from Chandrayaan. ”

The second Chandrayaan mission which was launched after a gap of 11 long years, will add to the glory of India among the nations that have their reach in the space.

Details of the landing of Chandrayaan 2 on the surface of the moon.

If everything went as per schedule, then the Chandrayaan 2 will hit the surface of the moon on the 6th of September. This event will be watched live by our Prime minister.

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