Is There Any Good News From CW For Titans? Season 4 Renewal Or Cancellation?

After today’s grand finale on HBO Max, can you get a Titans extend season 4? Or are we at the end of the road?

For now, let’s start passing on the good news: You shall have a chance to see Titans season 4 somewhere down the road. This was recently confirmed at the DC FanDome event and with that in mind, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the long-term future.

Is There Any Good News From CW For Titans? Season 4 Renewal Or Cancellation?

Now let’s get to the other order of business here: when the show could actually premiere. We know start dates and the like have been a little shaky thanks to the global health crisis, but in this case there’s a reason to breathe a little easier.

After all, productions have come up with ways to deal with filming in this particular period in history; there’s a fair chance a fourth season will premiere sometime in 2022. We don’t want to guarantee anything, but for now there is reason for hope.

In general we think that Titans is the kind of show that could last at least a few more seasons. After all, it has had quite a unique run on television as it is! This is a series that first started airing new episodes on DC Universe and when that service moved away from the original television there was no guarantee that this show would have a great future. Fortunately, HBO Max made sure there was a new home for this series and doom patrol, also. They even brought in Harley Quinn while star girl switched to The CW.

Luckily we get more of ALL these series; let’s hope we get some more news about the future of Titans sometime early next year.

When do you want to see when it comes to a Titans season 4?

Be sure to share it now in the attached comments! Once you’ve done that, stick around for some other updates related to the show.


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