Is The New K-Drama Golden Garden Worth The Watch?

The K- Drama Golden Garden has been receiving popularity recently after almost two years. The South Korean drama was released in July 2019 and ended in October 2019. The drama had a total of 60 episodes, and every week four episodes were released back to back on Saturdays. The series is directed by Lee Dae-Yeong, Lee Dong-Hyun and written by Park Hyeon-Joo, respectively.

The writers and directors of the series received a lot of praises for their commendable work on the drama. If you missed the drama while it was airing, don’t worry. Here is everything you should know before deciding if it’s worth watching or if you should just skip it. It also includes where you can stream the drama now and who all will be present in it.

Should You Stream it or Skip it?

Well, you should definitely stream the drama series. Even though the drama is quite long, having sixty episodes in total, each episode ranges only from 25 mins to 35 mins each. One gets easily hooked with the drama series because of its perfect mix of melodrama and criminal investigation. There are a number of dramas with a similar plot, but Golden Garden stands out because of its amazing cast, well-written dialogue, etc.

What is it All About?

The drama is mainly about four individuals who are nowhere connected to each other. The four have totally different lifestyles and goals and haven’t ever met each other in the past. But one day, all their lives come to a halt when an accident crosses and jumbles the lives of these four people.

Is The New K-Drama Golden Garden Worth The Watch?

Cha Pil Seung, Eun Dong Joo, Choi Joon Ki, and Sabina are the four people in the drama whose lives are changed dramatically. Eun Dong is an orphan, but she’s grown up to be a confident and beautiful woman; Cha Pil Seung is a detective.

Sabina is shown living a life someone else could have and is quite greedy for fame and power. Joon ki has absolutely no love life; he wants to love and doesn’t want anything else. Sabina and Joon ki are the second leads and are shown together, but eventually, they fall apart when Pil Seung and Dong Joo enter their lives. As the drama progresses, it proves to be more interesting. Initially going with a slow pace, the drama hooks its viewers as to what will be the surprise element in it.

Who is Cast in the Drama?

The drama stars well-known Korean actors and actresses who are known for their outstanding acting. The series has Han Ji Hye playing as Eun Dong Joo, Lee Sang Woo playing as Cha Pil Seung, Oh Ji Eun playing as Sabina, Lee Tae Sung playing as Choi Joon Ki as main leads. Apart from these, the drama stars Jung Si A, Kim Young Ok, Yeon Jae Hyeong, Cha Hwa Yeon, Jung Young in supporting roles.

Where to Watch the Drama?

The drama had released its episodes on the MBC TV channel. Fans can watch the drama on Kocowa and Rakuten Viki. Rakuten Viki can be used on websites, or one can download the app. The drama can also be streamed on Apple TV with a subscription. If you’re interested, what’s the wait for? Get your snacks and tune in on the drama.


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