Is Loki Soon to Become the Most Popular Character in the MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly evolving to attract new viewers, which is why it has been able to bring in more than $22 billion at the global box office. It has developed its characters well, with the stories of certain stalwarts notably coming to an end at the culmination of Phase Three. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is now one of the few original characters left, and it looks like he’s going nowhere. Already hugely popular among fans, the god of mischief could become the MVP of the MCU over the next few years.

Loki Series Boosted the Character’s Reputation

Loki has always been a fan favorite in the MCU, and Hiddleston has often stolen the show in the movies that he has appeared in. Thor: The Dark Worldis widely considered to be the worst offering in the franchise, but the English actor’s performance was described as one of the few highlights.

Recently, Marvel lovers were treated to an entire series about Loki on Disney+, and Hiddleston was able to have a great deal of fun taking the character in a new direction. This series boosted Thor’s brother’s reputation further, and he was recently voted as the third-most popular character in the whole of the MCU.

Loki’s Popularity Has Spread Into Other Forms

A key sign of a character’s success in the modern age is whether they can be found across a range of media. The fact that Loki seems to be popping up everywhere is a major indication as to the character’s popularity. In recent years, Loki has appeared in Fortnite where he can be acquired through the Epic Games’ Crew subscription service. He also starred in Lego Marvel as the primary antagonist, and as an ally of the heroes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Loki’s success is also inspiring other developers to capitalize on the name and draw in players that way. An example of this is Book of Loki, a slot game found at the online casino LeoVegas. The site comes highly recommended for its welcome bonus, along with its excellent mobile experience. This has helped it become one of the top-rated casinos in Canada. The Book of Loki game itself doesn’t use Hiddleston’s likeness, but it doubtlessly draws in comic book fans and lovers of the MCU.

Now One of the Few Original Characters Left

With Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America now written out of the MCU, and Thor likely to be following them after the release of Thor: Love and Thunder next year, Loki is now one of the few original characters left in the MCU. The good news is that he appears to be staying around, with another season of Loki already commissioned for Disney+. The series may even end up leading into other films featuring Loki.

Hiddleston originally auditioned for the role of Thor, but the Marvel executives saw something they liked in him and realized he’d be the perfect fit for Loki. The 40-year-old has made the character one of the most iconic figures on the screen, and he is likely to be around for many years to come.

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