Is Computer Science a Good Major? Pros and Cons

Computer Science is undoubtedly one of the best majors with quality career opportunities and high job qualifications. It covers a viable option of professions from an entry-level desk clerk to programmers and computer scientists. Pursuing a degree or education in computer science can help you earn lifetime job opportunities in the field.

Furthermore, subjective tests on different science majors will also be a part of getting a computer major. This is why obtaining a cyber degree may not be the right choice for you. For example, you need mathematics and analytical reasoning to qualify among the best programmers. A strong determination to succeed in studying cyber ethics is a basic math and reasoning skill.

Is Computer Science a Good Major? Pros and Cons

Moreover, since the question of whether computer science is an excellent subject keeps rampaging, we’ll be providing answers in this review. This article would offer professional guidance on your new path by stating the pros and cons of a computer science degree.

Pros of Getting a Computer Science Degree

Cyber Majors are highly marketable in almost every region of the US industry. One crucial advantage of bagging a major in computer science is the degree itself. This shows that there are long-term career opportunities and job outlooks for computer science majors.

Other advantages of this course are:

High-Paying Opportunities on Jobs

Computer Science is a prolific career path to making a massive living for yourself. Undoubtedly, software engineers are one of the highest-paid professions in the US Workforce today. These insights alone are enough reasons to want to study the course. Even more exciting, tech companies respect their cyber engineers and grant them the most pleasurable working hours. Some of these companies allow their software and computer scientists to wear jeans, eat free foods, even take nap times. If we consider the contention of tech companies, many things around us are technologically built.

Is Computer Science a Good Major? Pros and Cons

E-commerce is another exciting prospect that needs computer degree holders for more publicity and growth. Take Amazon, for instance. Their smooth workflow is mainly based on the best software engineering and programming. You may even get the chance to work in IT.

In addition, almost every industry now needs computer science and engineering to boost sales. Talk about the gaming industry, entertainment, finance, transportation, and many niches. The need for cyberspace is another high. So, this means employers will demand more graduates with any computer-related degree to work and earn under them.

Work and Earn Remotely

Another fascinating advantage of bagging a cyber major is the opportunity to work and earn remotely. Apart from even working at a cyber-inclined company or industry, a ton of careers can get you paid remotely. You can perform as skilled personnel or freelancer offering professional cyber assistance online. Or even find good pay as a customer support executive.

Is Computer Science a Good Major? Pros and Cons

If we take time to observe, the recent pandemic has impacted our social world negatively. While this may be a bad outcome for other professions, cyber degree holders have no problem. You’ll be in high demand for more jobs without face-to-face meetings with your colleagues. A major in computer science also gives you the chance to work from home and get paid marvelously.

Cons of Getting a Computer Science Degree


Studying computer science in college or university isn’t an easy task. This is because learners must be able to accomplish rigorous training and paper assignments. Thankfully, getting a computer science essay for college online is very easy. You’ll get credible sources of essay samples to fulfill paper tasks and dissertations.

On the other hand, pursuing a school education in computer science takes up to two years for an associate degree. Additionally, four years for a bachelor’s degree and at least a year for a master’s program in the course. The amount of time spent studying most cyber systems is a major disadvantage of the degree.

Is Computer Science a Good Major? Pros and Cons

Countering this time-consuming factor, you can also take up online studying. This way, you get to bag your degree at a more convenient and faster rate. Many online academic bodies now offer online courses for learners. This allows learners to take up their preferred dream career without going through a physical university or college. So, you too can chase your computer degree without facing the time-consuming aspects of physical schools.

Cost of Learning

The expense of pursuing academic success in any cyber program can be very high and scary. On average, at least $20,000 is the cost for most universities and colleges. In the course of finishing the whole school program, more than $100,000 expenses will be needed.

Possible Professions for A Computer Science Degree Holder

Here are some possible Professions computer science majors are open to:

  • Mobile App Developer (iOS or Android).
  • Front-end or Back-end Engineer.
  • Web Developer.
  • Data Engineer and Scientist.
  • Individual or Digital Cyber agent.

Average Salary of a Computer Developer in American

The above has briefly summarized studying computer science’s advantages and disadvantages. To finalize this review, here are the intermediate salary degree holders of computer science majors;

  • Graduates of bachelor’s degrees earn an average of $77,000 yearly.
  • Masters’ graduates earn an average of $125,000 per year.


Judging from its outstanding advantages, a computer science major is a brilliant choice of study with lots of fantastic career opportunities. It also shows promising high-paying job allowances and long-term career paths. Students aspiring for a degree in computer science majors have a bright future with many lucrative opportunities awaiting them. Good luck!

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