IPL 2021: Chris Gayle’s new music video ‘Jamaica to India’ with Indian rapper Emiway Bantai

Chris Gayle is one of the most laid-back cricketers of all times; The West Indies players are anyway known for their chilled-out attitudes. Indians well appreciate their popularity and charisma. Especially Chris Gayle, the known sixer hitman, is hugely loved in Indian.

This Jamaican-based West Indies cricketer legend is a pro when it comes to those crisp T-Twenty formats. He has shown his outstanding skills in the IPL.

The rapper/singer:

One of his skills that not many fans know is his rapping and singing skills; he has always been an entertainer and never disappoints his fans. He has opened up a lot of post-cricketing career opportunities for himself by this medium.

He is at the peak of his cricket career and wishes to do something good in the entertainment sector. And his fans are so loyal that they are ready to love and support him with whatever he does.

The collaboration With Emiway Bantai – India se Jamaica:

He has recently collaborated with the Indian rapper Emiway Bantai, a rapper in the real sense known for his style, music, and most importantly, out-of-the-box lyrics. They have nailed the song, ‘India se Jamaica.’

Both the celebrities have been in talks for their new song and the kind of overwhelming response they have been receiving for it. The music reflects the free spirit of both individuals. The beats are catchy and funky.

They both have their youtube channels, with Emiway Bantai’s channel crossing nearly 14 million subscribers while Gayle’s channel crosses 94k.

Gayle has been keeping his fans updated on the song, always expressing his love for them and being thankful for their support on Twitter. He also said his happiness and pleasure while working with Emiway Bantai.

Currently, we will see Gayle on our screens on IPL matches serving the Kings 11 Punjab team.


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