Indonesia is building a new capital city in Borneo due to sinking of Jakarta into the Java Sea

Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s seventh president, said that an area covered with vast jungle on the east side of Borneo would be transformed into the capital city of Indonesia. The announcement was made on Monday, amidst the concern regarding the sustainability of the congested and sinking political center, Jakarta.

A couple of relatively underdeveloped cities of Samarinda and Balikpapan are currently proposed as the location for building the new capital. On the other hand, the location is far away from human interference, which has been serving as the financial heart of Indonesia since 1949. The president acknowledges that it is a wise move to change the capital of the country to the island, and it is also an expensive undertaking.

Jarkarta will no longer be the capital of Indonesia

The present-day capital city has undergone rapid expansion in recent times. Moreover, it has also provided with an innumerable economic, environmental & safety concerns. Furthermore, this also prompted Indonesia’s government to take a peek elsewhere and also put an ease to the strain on the significant metropolis.

indonesia borneo

Indonesia has been independent for the last 74 years. Widodo said that Indonesia is yet to choose the capital of the country even for a long time now. Jakarta is holding a massive burden for the entire country; for a very long time, and it has been the center of business, governance, trade, finance, and services.

Making a new capital city costs a hefty sum of money

Some of the experts are suggesting that curating a new capital of Indonesia is an ambitious project and it will cost around $34 million for the government. The government officials of Indonesia said that the relocation might take a decade to happen.

UN, on the other hand, said that Jakarta is home to over 10 million people. In addition to this, Jakarta is also considered as one of the most overpopulated regions across the world. Sadly, the new report suggests that the city is sinking into the Java Sea rapidly, and it is also prone to flooding.

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