India Still Embracing YouTube as Streaming Apps Continue to Thrive

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Ever since it was first launched back in 2005, YouTube has played a key role in sharing a range of different types of video content.

Considering the brand’s huge global presence, you may think that most people would already have the app installed on their smartphones and tablets. However, new figures have revealed that a number of us downloaded it in May, with a significant amount of activity being recorded in India.

Installs increase

According to the latest estimates from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform, YouTube was the most downloaded streaming app in the world during May. The service was apparently installed more than 29.3 million times, with that marking a 28.3 per cent increase from 12 months earlier.

In its blog on the findings, Sensor Tower explained how the US was thought to be responsible for the most YouTube installs across the period analyzed, with 16 per cent of downloads originating from the country. India also featured prominently, with it accounting for 11.2 per cent.

Netflix was found to be the second most-downloaded app globally across the month, with Amazon Prime Video and Twitch being part of the top five as well. The figures have come weeks after the Economic Times reported on the fact that Netflix had added more than 15 million subscribers across the world in the quarter to March 2020. The platform stated that more than three million additions were made in the Asia-Pacific region during that period, with chief product officer Greg Peters telling that the brand is working hard to make its service more competitive in India.

Source: Pixabay

Streaming’s dominance

Sensor Tower’s data on the number of streaming app installs taking place across the world is clearly a big reminder of the crucial role that the technology now plays in our consumption of video content.

However, streaming has also had an impact in many other areas, with it notably becoming the standard way of listening to music as well. Earlier this year, the CEO of the Indian Music Industry organization told The Next Web that there are now 200 million unique subscribers to music streaming apps in India.

The technology has also had a big impact on the ever-growing domain of the online casino industry, with many sites using it to offer access to casino games that are played out across a video stream. You can check out this site to see how the concept has evolved over the years, with ComeOn! not only featuring takes on classics like roulette and poker but also offering gameshow-style experiences like Monopoly Live.

An intriguing spotlight

The way we access video content has changed massively in the past couple of decades, with streaming now clearly becoming a major part of our lives.

The new figures from Sensor Tower put an intriguing spotlight on where we are now and it will be interesting to see which apps go on to dominate the streaming space in India in the coming months and years.

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